I am so hosed right now....

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by McFortner, Nov 25, 2005.

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    I know it sounds out to lunch but, have you looked at your diet? I had severe back problems, the kind that would put me out for 2-3 days. Came to near ending several jobs for me. Come to find out it was linked to my kidneys of all things. They would go into overdrive/shock if I took in too much sugar. Now, whenever I notice those first pangs in my back, I seek out any high sugar items I may have added to my regular eating and cut them out for awhile. Just a thought that it could be something as simple as what you are eating. Will keep you in our family prayers, BC
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    Hang in there buddy.
    What ever happens, We're here for ya.
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    Michael, my job is on the receiving end of the 911 service, I deal with stressed people on a daily basis, some of them are the 911 people, i truly understand what you are going through. my recomendation is to get your conditions on paper from your doctor and take this to your employer, this will advise them that you are not trying to b s them. Why are you depressed, talk with someone NOW !!! Do it before it gets worse. I'm not a physicatrist but I am a good listener like alot of us here, so if you want to talk there are plenty of us willing to listen just send us a message..You made a great first step in bring it to the fore front so don't stop now..Check into the meds that you take to ensure that they are compatable, have known a few people that are taking several meds that they should not be and it is drastically effecting them,both physically and mentally. What are you doing to get rid of stress and anxiety build up, a few at our office when they get their break or are finding tension grab a cup of water and go for a quick brisk walk around the outside of the building to grab some fresh air As others have said, hang in there..lets hear from you!!!
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    Bill's financial problems, and whatnot can lead to this. I'm already there myself. Being a 911 dispatcher, I bet there's a lot of stress you guy's take some pretty rough stuff from some of those phone calls and I can believe it to the full extent. But something you might consider checking out. Check around and see if the med's you have are meant for the problem like what has been mentioned above. Doctors nowadays can give you anything and here lately it's been messed up. I don't know how many times we've been prescribed medication and it's use wasn't no where near close to the problems. My Mom had gotten something and it was making her snap big time on every little thing we did around the house so I finally got tired of it and checked it out and the pill's she was taking was giving her mood swings. I told her to lay off of them so she did and we saw the improvement from then on so that stuff went to the trash. Sometime med's will have a complete opposite effect on you rather than what they were made for. Like an antidepressant. Supposed to relax so your not depressed well in some case's it can cause even more depression. Or ritline (however you spell it) for ADD/ADHD It's made to calm them down but someone who doesn't have it will speed them up. I'm not going to recommend it because I wouldn't want you to jeopardize your career but have you tried staying of the med's for a day or two? Just to see how you react to it. Like I said. Doctors these day's will give you anything. They are hiring doctors as fast as you can count your fingers so better than half of them don't really have a clue. They are just there to make that paycheck and go home. Just some of these med's can cause you more harm than good. As an ex drug user (Something I don't really like mentioning. Bad past.) I've felt some of those backwards reactions to pills.
    Some of those backward reactions weren't cool. Had I kept on it would have been catastrophic. That's something that's really hard for me to talk about but would be of some useful information to check on. Check with several different doctors because normally one is bound to it's doing more harm than good. We've battled that countless times. I suffer from sever depression and I know it for a fact but I won't go see a doctor about it because I know exactly what he's going to tell me and what he's going to give me. Normal things in everyday life get me down very easily so I fight to find a way to think around it, out side of the box. Just keep your chin up. There is away around it.
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    I would like to thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I have two updates for today. While things were pretty much the same at work this morning, I did stop and get a doctors appointment for this Wednesday at 10 am. My wife found out about a new medicine called Lexapro that is used for treating both depression and anxeity, so I am going to talk to him about that.

    Second, I just got off the phone with the head of the county's GIS Mapping Department. I put in an application a week and a half ago for a position they had open and they want me to come in after work Thursday at 8am for an interview! This could be the big break I have been hoping for. A "regular" 9 to 5 job with weekends and holidays off. My college major was Geosciences, with emphasis on Meteorology. However, I also took advanced Geography and Geology classes, plus a intro GIS class. So keep up the prayers and good thoughts, I need all the help I can get.

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    We certainly will Michael.
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    Will be praying for you!
    Earlier in this thread a mention of diet was made - Check with your Dr. about some food or drink that may upset the applecart! I am a diabetic an felt all screwed up and was really down untill a talk with my Dr. and a dietition and found out that diabetic's and many people such as yourself drink diet pop - most diet pop have aspartame for a sugar substitute and this was really bringing me down - some people have been diagnosed with MS that did not have it - I was in a world of hurt - they told me to drink diet-rite (no aspartame) and in about a month I was back on top - I don't know if you drink diet pop but if you do try something other than drinks with aspartame because it may be messing up the chemistry -
    Just a thought and good luck with the interview!
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    I agree with screen. I also am a diabetic. Some time ago I received an E Mail from my son stating the down side of aspartame.
    Instead of throwing out all the food with aspartame, my wife and I have gradually elimated buying food and drinks with aspartame. I have found diet Coke with splenda. Doesn't taste to bad. Since I have cut down on aspertame, I have been feeling much better.
    I think it would be worth a try.
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    Well, it is definately not any of those sugar substitues, I can't ingest any of them. Some actually give me horrible headaches, others panic attacks! Only splenda doesn't affect me and I can't stand the aftertaste of it.

    As far as diet, my wife has been hounding me to have my blood sugar levels checked. I guess we will bring that up with the doctor. But it looks like I'll have to reschedule for next week because my wife can't make it this week because there was not enough time to get the day off.

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    We are there for and with you Mike, all the way !!!! Keep us posted..Ron..
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    Had the interview with the head of the GIS department this morning right after work. I think it went really well, but she has to talk to a few other applicants still.

    One of the things she talked to me about was the new mapping system that we started using yesterday in the 911 center. Apparently, because of how fast this county is growing (we're the 5th fastest in the nation) that they are going to need somebody to do upkeep on the database as a full time job. The 911 center director does not want the position to be part of his department, so if the funding comes through it will be through the GIS/IS department. I think this is a good chance for me to get a foot in the door.

    Computer mapping is something I am interested in, and as I told her, something related to my degree in Geosciences. While my emphasis was on Meteorology, I have also had Geography, Geology, Hydrology, and Mapping classes. Personally I think I would be great working in that department.

    Now it is in God's hands.

    It is going to be a rough few weeks as far as the new computer system they have installed in the 911 center for mapping, phones, and dispatching. We are having problems getting the new equipment to talk to the old, as well as the new software to interface with the old as well as new software. And we are in a temporary setting while they completely rip up the old comm room consoles and carpeting to install new. It is going to be a long few weeks for us....

    As far as the doctors appointment, it was moved to this Tuesday so my wife could be there as well. She had to give a bit more notice to her job that she needed the time off. No big there, she was able to rechedule for me easily. I'll keep y'all up to date on what is going on with that as it comes in.

    At least I got the refil I needed Friday, so I am a bit more stable now. I hope and pray it is enough.

    Still here,

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    The winds of change seem to have things slowly heading the right direction mike, breathe deep a few times and sit down with a model to take your mind off other matters.

    Hopefully it wont be long before things get figured out and in the meantime while getting your mind off the tough stuff for a while you can produce one of those really fine models of yours.................relaxation , mind off immediate problem and a great model in the end.

    Sounds like a good combination to me :)

    Hang in there buddy!! :thumb:
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    At least I got the refil I needed Friday, so I am a bit more stable now. I hope and pray it is enough.

    So do we Michael.

    Glad your Dear Wife can be there with you .
    WE are routing for you buddy
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    Definatly let us know - we're keep you in our prayers :)
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    Michael - Looks like you might have an inside track to that new job - I'll be praying for you - It sounds like your wife is your biggest supporter, someone like that makes all the difference in the world -


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