I am now a NMRA member !!!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by alex_mrrkb, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. alex_mrrkb

    alex_mrrkb Member

    Hi !

    Just a word to tell everyone that I finally decided to join the NMRA !

    I needed N scale track gauges and decided to give them a try. I didn't take the full package, just the "Affiliate Member" option wich will get me a membership card and some other stuff.

    Finally I can put my member number in my signature ! Yay !

    Have a nice day !
  2. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Welcome aboard!

    That's great Alexandre! I just joined up myself. Are you coming to the big show in Toronto this July?

    :) Val
  3. Railery

    Railery Member

    Congrats Alexandre :D :D
  4. alex_mrrkb

    alex_mrrkb Member

    Re: Welcome aboard!

    Big Show ? In toronto ? I didn't kew about it ... Weel I don't have any mean of keeping me up-to-date about these events ... maybe my NMRA membership will be useful for that ! Until I receive my NMRA stuff (and my gauges!) by snail mail, canyou tell me more about this show ?

    I'd LOVE to go ! I've never been to a big train show only two smallish local trains shows ...

    I'll try to be there ! Even if Toronto is a 7 hours drive from here, I'll comvince my girlfriend to come with me and we'll spend a night at the hotel.

    Thanks !
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    NMRA Convention

    Check the website
    The convention is a week. There is also a train show. This is a major event.
    The convention has a business meeting, which those who are inclined can go to. The rest of the time there are clinics, layout tours, prototype tours, tours for disinterested persons, plus a 3 day train show.
    This is the first convention in Toronto in 50 years. Our club has one of two people who were at the convention 50 years ago and are going to this one!
  6. Roger Hensley

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