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  1. tuta

    tuta New Member

    just wanted to post a little introduction about myself...

    I have assumed possession of my dad's old train set(s). Unfortuantely, they currently they sit in the garage. I have gotten the notion to build some shelving for them with some help from a friend, and display in our study until my son is old enough to start playing with them (he is only two).

    I am needing some "in general" advice on how to properly clean/restore some of the older cars. I am guessing the locos are a little above me at the moment to work on. I am not sure they would work at all anymore. They did when I was a kid but we are coming up on that being 20 years ago!

    sorry for the rambling nature, but I am very happy to have found a good site to get some gentle nudging in the right direction.

  2. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Welcome to The Gauge. From your avatar I'm assuming those old trains would be Lionels. Just how dirty are they?
  3. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    WELCOME to the GAUGE !!!

  4. tuta

    tuta New Member

    thanks all -- they are actually not too bad off considering the age and non-use (not to mention the storage 'methods'). I have no idea on the locos since I won't even bother looking under the hood until I get a little more sure of myself.

    there are a few cars I would love to restore -- 1) an old searchlight car from 40s or 50s, 2) a mailbox car where they guy would pop out and stick it on a pole (by magnets) and 3) an old milk car (also from the 40s and 50s).

    I guess a couple of quickees -- is there an online archive with pictures to help me identify what I actually have? Hopefully from there it will be a little easier to find out what I have to get done...

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