How to pull 3d models?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by generaldiaz, Oct 2, 2014.

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    ... okay then? :confused: lol
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  3. generaldiaz

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    anyway back to the last topic. I can make the 3d model or download one and make it work in pepakura, but when I try to get it into 2d (unfolding), it looks nothing like the other unfolded models that are nice and orderly, it looks like cracked glass/ deformed snowflakes. what I would like to figure out is how to make it so that I can unfold it nicely and be able to print it without looking bad or requiring editing after printing.
  4. Neon Neuron

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    That's what I've learned about meta-sequoias.

    @generaldiaz - Metasequoia is an entry level 3d modelling program. It's like the MS paint of modelling.
    And I can say, that it is super compatible with Pepakura. There ia a free version and licensed version. I have a licensed version because I wanted the "aramature" and "bones" features.

    Are you using Pepakura to unfold?
  5. xBobble

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    If you auto-unfold, you're going to get that. Before you unfold, you have to go over the model setting the appropriate edges to be separated. It's not rocket surgery but it does take some diligence and either some experience and/or willingness to do it again a few times.

    I'm sure there a tons of tutorials and whatnot out there on unfolding in Pepakura but this is one that I started with:
  6. Neon Neuron

    Neon Neuron New Member

    That's a great tutorial! I wish it had been around when I started messing with Pepa. My experience was mostly trial and error.
    When it comes to the process (and this is something I'm still trying to figure out), the best models are also some of the most simple designs. It all comes down to K.I.S.S. And not the rock band.
    Keep It Simple Stupid!
    Which is why game rips make lousy models.
  7. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I played with "Meta" for a while. It is extremely unintuitive. (IMHO) This is the problems with programs like this. Are you going to spend all your time learning how to do a program, when you can get a program like Rhino 3D, and not only make paper models, but, as NASA found, it was perfect for making the Shuttles Tiles, Nike uses it to design their sneakers. The Spiderman movie sets are made in Rhino nd Rendered in some other software, as Rhino exports to something like 60 different formats. So you make a model, and you have actual dimensions. It isn't a drawing program, but is easy to use than many. It is used by major ship builders. If you design a Canoe on Rhino, you can calculate the canoe's water displacement from within the program. Anyways, my 2 cents worth, and as I have stated before, if you have a kid in school, no matter how young, you can get Rhino, the FULL working version, for $199, and this is a disc, not a download. You can install it on 3 computers. When you start using Rhino, you realize that pursuing any other program is time you could have learned new techniques in Rhino.

    I really wish more of you guys would get it. I would love to start a real participatory tutorial thread with people putting forward their techniques start. Maya would be the next program I would want, but that's primarily for animation. :)
  8. Neon Neuron

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    Sadly, Zathros is right.
    I did spend a lot of time learning Meta 2, and recently upgraded to 4.
    Now, I'm looking into Rhino. I think there is greater potential learning a program that has much more versatility. For me, though, Meta was a good jump-off point.

    @zathros - How well does Rhino work with Pepa?
  9. generaldiaz

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    wow... just watched that video and I can see how much of a newbie I am to pepakura. I did learn a lot, which I always like. would people recommend getting the product key for that program or would the free version be fine? what other features are unlocked with the full version other then saving and exporting?
  10. Revell-Fan

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    Nothing. The program is fully functional except for saving and exporting. There is an easy workaround for the missing save option: You may unfold a model section by section and print the result as a *.pdf which then can be turned into a *.png file in Gimp for further editing. So you can keep what you have already done. That's what I used to do before I bought the full license. ;)
  11. generaldiaz

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    that works with me. I have heard that work around before. I will definitely use it. now back to my pepakura tutorials.

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