how to make Simple Cockpit Canopies

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    Here two(2) simple ways of making a cockpit canopy.


    1) Using "regular" paper, draw the "frame work" of the canopy, then cut parts out.
    View attachment 87905

    2) Cover both sides of the parts with clear (scotch) tape. (Make sure to press out any air bubbles.) trim extra off tape.
    View attachment 87906 View attachment 87907

    3) Glue thin strips on the edges of the frame work.
    View attachment 87908

    4) Assemble all parts together.
    View attachment 87909

    5) Using cardstock, cut part that fit the canopy and glue to assebley.
    View attachment 87910

    6) Paint and attach as desired.


    1) Using cardstock, draw the frame work of the canopy and cut out the parts.
    2) Using a thin (but stiff) sheet of clear plastic, trace canopy frame and cut out parts.

    3) Line all plastic parts with thin strips of regular paper.
    4) Assemble plastic parts.
    5) attach cardstock parts to finish assembley.
    6)Paint and attach to model as desired.


    These techniquee can be used for most any canopy so long as it is not purely convexed or concaved, although you can make the plastic panels convex or concave (how ever you desire).

    I hope you enjoy!!!
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    looks like you missed the end of the URL is all for those first ones that arent working

    Nice technique for flat cockpit panes!
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    yeh, great tip, I'll be trying that.
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    In my build of the Warhammer Thunderbolt, I showed how I used sticky label strips from Avery labels painted to the body color and placed as framework around the canopy. drop down a few postings and you will see how I did the trimmings. In this case I used clear acetate as the glass but in another build for the Warhammer Lightning I used cellophane tape using the same procedure using the sticky label method. The paper already has a gummed surface and it avoids the spread of the glue to the surface of the glass area.
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    I like the idea of using the sticky lablels for this method. I will have to try it sometime

    Thank you for sharing it.

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    Nice tut! Thanks for sharing!

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