How many Guage members model 19th century?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Zman, May 21, 2005.

  1. Zman

    Zman Member

    In any scale or gauge? I'm just curious as I'm a beginner, and have chosen to model late 19th century New England.

    Any advice, stories, pics would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Bill Stone

    Bill Stone Member

    There are at least "several" of us nuts enough to do it.
  3. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    That's right Bill

    Note my sig..

    Southern Ontario, 1880-1900 "Credit Valley River" (30 miles NW of Toronto)

    Check out the website.
  4. spankybird

    spankybird OTTS Founder

    My layout is basically early 20th century, 1920 or so. I do run a lot of American 4-4-0 and 19th century rolling stock, which is very limited in “O” gauge.



    Note that most of the autos are even steam powered

  5. hminky

    hminky Member

  6. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Zman, If you havent visited Harolds site yet,I highly suggest you do.His site is extremely informative and very well done.
    I am in the process of changing From N scale 50's to turn of the century On30.
    If you like History you can get lost in the research.Its incredible how much information is out there on these era's if you dig deep enough.If you go to far back,photo's are hard to come by.I suggest 1864-65 as about as far back as you would want to go if you want photo's to help.1880's things get just a bit easier and turn of the century is even better.1910-1925 is a gold mine of information.Have Fun and make sure you check out harolds site......Its that good!! :D
  7. spankybird

    spankybird OTTS Founder

    HI Tileguy,

    Being new to this forum, I don’t know who Harold is but would love to visit his site. Do you have a lick for us.

    Here are some of you people that are on our layout

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    [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]HI Tileguy,[/color][/size][/font]

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    [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]Being new to this forum, I don’t know who Harold is but would love to visit his site. Do you have a lick for us.[/color][/size][/font]

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  8. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Tom, look at the reply right above Tileguy's.
    That is a reply from Harold and his site link is right there.
  9. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I don't model that far back, but it would appear that 1880 on is not too bad in ho scale. I'm not familier with other scales. Harold models ho/oo because the 1879's and earlier had equipment that was smaller and he needed ho bodies on the bigger oo mechanism and oo details to make it work. If Horizon keeps Roundhouse/MDC locomotives and rolling stock in production, they did a lot of turn of the century (turn of the last century) equipment. Bowser's ex Varney Casey Jones would fit, Mantua's General, and I think IHC has come out with some 1890's to 1910 steam. It might also be interresting to kitbash some wagons into early horseless carriages.
  10. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Russ, in N Scale it is Athearn Roundhouse for rolling stock, or maybe bashing some Bachmann Old tyme cars.

    For motive power, it is Athearn, Atlas, Bachmann and Model Power.

    For structures, several companies produce suitable N Scale kits.
    DPM, Sylvan, Blairline, American Model Builders, Period Miniatures.

    For detail parts, Rusty Stumps has some nice laser cut fences and ladders and their wood shake shingles are the best I have seen.

    There is always scratchbuilding, I am starting by making paper mockups, and slowly will be replacing them with wooden structures.
  11. ross31r

    ross31r Member

    I model turn of the century, just using overhead electrics rather than steam
  12. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday Member

    I model The Old West, circa 1880, in HO.
  13. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Complete with Stage Holdups, "The Hanging Tree", Boot Hill and Buffalo????
  14. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday Member

    Don't forget the Delorean in the abandoned mine, shootout at the Notsook Corral, institutes of negotiable affection, water trough bath, shotgun wedding, jail break, bank robbery, and , oh yeah, dragging a guy through town. :thumb:

    Did I forget anything? :D
  15. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Town drunk passed out in alley.

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