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  1. chipoperson

    chipoperson New Member

    I've been searching all day, to no avail. I did find the maid, but there's gotta be lots of hot anime girl models out there.
    Please post links!
    Thanks in advance:)
  2. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Now I'm permanently afraid of you...
  3. TLHarrell

    TLHarrell New Member

    Not that it's a good suggestion, but you could always troll around at pirate link removed
  4. chipoperson

    chipoperson New Member

    Awwww. Afraid? Troll? That’s got to be the quickest I’ve ever been ostracized from a forum, it’s only my second day:( I didn’t think that was a crazy request, albeit a little creepy though, lol.. I just thought I’d branch out from all the starships I’ve been building. Come on, help a brother out!

    here’s the link to the maid I wrote about before> http://we don't care.co.jp/main/item-1/015gosuko/gosuko.html

    I also found some cool Lara Croft models, here's one> http://www.geocities.com/orcberto/galeria/lara/lcga.html

    Fear not my fellow crafters, I’m harmlessJ
  5. TLHarrell

    TLHarrell New Member

    I think I meant LURK, not TROLL. Sorry, foggy head after a long day. There's usually a pretty good amount of anime figures floating thru the posts on pirate link removed. Unfortunately lately the site's getting flooded by porn and ad spammers, so be ready to avert your eyes. If you pop the question there and wait 24 hours I bet you'll get a few really decent links though. Seems mostly here people are more into sci-fi, planes, tanks, etc. and not really figures as much. Of course, always be ready for some abuse as well. Make sure you phrase your post stating that you have already searched Google and other boards for these and you are looking for many pretty anime figure models. A couple people there are actually helpful.
  6. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Well you could have worded the title differently....I click on most threads, but this stuff I rarely touch.

    I don't think you tried google correctly, use Moekami as your search.
  7. chipoperson

    chipoperson New Member

    Thanks for the insight TLHarrell. The “cartoon and anime models” forum title threw me off. I thought my request fell in that category, but clearly I was mistaken.
    I apologize to everyone here; I didn’t intend to be the resident perv. I have found that the Zealot forum is a great place to find spaceship models both real and sci-fi. This is where I found a link to the Planet Express Ship, the first model I ever completed. I will continue to use this site for models; sci-fi, planes, tanks, etc. I just hope I haven’t tarnished my reputation hereJ
    Please allow me to start anew; Hello, my name is Chip, and I am a papercraftiholic.
  8. chipoperson

    chipoperson New Member

    Man, this goes to show I can’t fit in anywhere. I had found links on this site, and I was under the impression that this is how forums worked. I only read the rules after posting the links, my bad. . Hello Zealot.com.
  9. TLHarrell

    TLHarrell New Member

    I didn't take it as being really pervy. (Always remember that email/forum posts don't sound the same when read, as we can't hear your voice to make further analysis.) I'd actually like to do some of those sometime as well, when I think I'm finally finished testing the weight bearing capacity of the T-bar ceiling above my cubicle.

    Currently on the ceiling:
    Star Destroyer, Y-Wing, Romulan Warbird, USS Reliant, Tie Interceptor, (2) Robotech fighters (white, blue) and the recent addition: the Battlestar Galactica
  10. SEBRET

    SEBRET Member

    Wow, that's a pretty busy cluster TL! The average reaction to that sight must be special.

    And don't worry Chip, your still very welcome here. every forum is different and usually it takes time to adjust.
  11. axel

    axel New Member

    Hello Chip, it seems that you stumbled on a rock that hit me about a year ago... I like to build anime characters, from chopiketa to moekami in style... so I started looking around. I found lots of models, many very good, but as a rule the more explicit the model is, the quality gets lower... and they are noy very explicit anyway! The best ones i have found looking in PaperKraft.net, or the girls by Alclione. For anyone that has not seen the work of the modelers I´m talking about, don´t worry, it´s neither porn or offensive, just extremely good papercrafts...
  12. shurricanger

    shurricanger New Member

    Have you tried Papercraftmuseum.com ?
  13. sakket

    sakket New Member

    I sympathize. I'm more partial to SD proportioned figures myself.
  14. CIVIC

    CIVIC Member

    The pepakura webpage has lots.
  15. sakket

    sakket New Member

    disregard that previous post. It sounded creepier than it was meant to.
  16. deadleave

    deadleave New Member

    or /po/ on 4 chan

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