Hooking a Lionel reversing E-unit to a Williams twin DC motors

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by golden goat, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. golden goat

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    Need help on how to put a Lionel reversing E-unit into a Williams FM Trainmaster w/ twin can DC motors . The original electronic reversing unit is burned out and want to use the Lionel mechanical E-unit instead .

    Years ago Williams made a GG1 set for the TCA and they sent along with it a Lionel reversing E-unit and instructions on how to hook the unit to two DC can motors , I had the instructions years ago but now I can't find them , so can someone please help me out .

    Thank You ,

    Golden Goat
  2. pgandw

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    You can't use a mechanical E-unit by itself. The can motors have to have DC power since they use permanent magnets. The electronic E-units almost always have a rectifier built-in, along with the sequence reversing. Mechanical E-units assume a motor with field windings, which can run on AC or DC power.

    You can use a mechanical E-unit with a rectifier in front of the motor or the E-unit (mechanical E-units work fine on DC or AC). Note that a can motor is reversed simply by reversing the DC polarity at the brushes. A field wound motor is reversed by changing the polarity of the field relative to the armature (brushes).

    Probably the easiest solution is to put in a new electronic E-unit. They don't buzz, and the rectifier is built in. Wiring will be quite simple. Just get one rated for enough current for both motors.

    hope this helps

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