HOn3 MDC RTR Shays

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Model Railroading' started by shaymaster, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. shaymaster

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    Has anyone purchased a MDC RTR HOn3 Shay? I purchased 3 of them and having trouble with the same thing on every one of them. The gear on the driver shafts loosen up and spin on the shafts leaving the motor running and engine standing still on the track. I'm trying out the NWSL replacement kits but haven't completed changing them yet. Has anyone else have this problem? I tried writting Athern since they bought MDC and can't get an answere. Any other advice????

  2. neilmunck

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    You could try putting a drop of Locktite or super glue on the end of the motor shaft and let capilliary action draw the adhesive into the gap between the moter shaft and the gear.

    My MDC HO shay is an older kit that had a different motor and this hasn't been a problem for me however the gearboxes do require frequent lubrication so it might be a good idea to check that while you have the engine appart.

    I don't have a NWSL re-gearing kit in my shay but I have heard they are very good.

  3. shaymaster

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    HOn3 MDC RTR Shay

    Neil, its not the motor shaft,its the gear on the driver wheel shafts. I already tried the fast glue (applying with a pin head) stuck the gear and metal shaft OK but if you get any glue in the cogs, its more trouble than its worth. I've built MDC HO shays and never had trouble. I just think the quality of the gear stock is poor. and can't get a reply from Athern, not even a to bad your out of luck. Ken......:eek::(:curse: the way I feel about Athern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Graham Hoffman

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    This has been an ongoing problem with these engines for many years. The gears crack and as a result become useless. I've replaced them with NWSL gears and have had no malfunctions since. I also wrote a letter of complaint to Horizon, which now owns MDC and Athearn and, of course, received no response. Obviously, the NWSL gears are made of a higher quality material.
  5. nachoman

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    I should pay attention to this thread because I am about to rebuild one myself. I think I have figured out how to solve many of the problems - with the exception of the truck covers. Those little tabs break off easily with just a few removals. What is the best way of solving this problem? Obviously, new covers are no longer an option. Is there some way of holding the cover down with maybe a small screw?


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