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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by rws, Nov 27, 2006.

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    hi, just got back into hobby after many years. i built a table with homosote over plywood. my question is, should i seal this with type of paint or similiar covering, and also if i cut out grooves for canals, is there a method of sealing the rough edges of the board. thanks. Rob
  2. Ralph

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    Hi and welcome to The Gauge. A lot of us who use homosote believe it is good to paint the board to make it less susceptible to warping and swelling in humidity changes.
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    Micore - a better choice...

    :cry:It's too bad you didn't use Micore instead of homasote - it's designed to be impervious to moisture penetration.

    :thumb: Regardless, you can use any household latex paint to seal the homasote, but it would be wise to apply only a thin layer to allow quick drying and less moisture penetration. Also, use a color that you can also used as your first coat on your scenery base. In other words, a "soil-like" color. The wet paint can then be used to hold a first layer of ground cover.
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    What's Micore? Where do you get it?
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    Thanks, Frank. I'm a contractor but I have never seen that before; looks interesting! Unfortunately no local distributers.

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