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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Cinnibar, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Well, that’s it for the Holidays! I hope all of yours were as great as mine. My wife and I spent three weeks up in Chicago with my family so I have been off the board since the 13th of December. Glad to be back! Thanks to my wife and , Sisters and Nephews, I had an “N-Gauge Christmas”. I’ll soon be reporting on the Model Power 4-6-2 with the Vandy tender. I did run it a bit on my old employer’s (Venture Hobbies, Wheeling, Il.) test track and it was SMOOTH! The Vandy tender is unbelievable, just gorgeous. My wife stocking stuffed one of Kato’s power units. It runs like a Kato should and I’ll soon be turning it into a Climax logging loco. I was also supposed to get a MDC 2-6-0 but Don (the owner of Venture Hobbies) has that one on order. While I was at the shop I also ordered a MP Vandy tender which I plan to “bash” onto a Bachmann 2-8-0. I plan to cover the Vandy and Kato power unit bashing on “The Gauge” so if you have an interest keep watch for that. It is nice to be back and I look forward to perusing “The Gauge” and staying in touch with all of you great N gauge railroaders!
    Happy New Year!!!:wave:
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    Welcome back Jack

    okat so it was a wee while ago you wrote this post but none the less. I'm only reading it now. Considering yuo were away from the 13DEC would explain why you never responded to a comment a made about the 16DEC.

    Anyway I love your model!!! I'm only a beginner in the hobby, and am basically researching for as much info before I get started on my layout. I'm a student as well so i don't really have much time to model at the moment. Your layout has been really inspirational to me and very similiar to what i want to do.

    Do you have a layout plan as I would be keen to see it, I see all these great photos but I can't quite put them together without the plan.

    Well bye for now

    Jason Lennie
  3. Cinnibar

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    Jal cubed,

    I'm really soorry I missed your post reply. I DO need to get a linear schematic of my railroad posted. basically trains run South out of Alpine , Through JaCQUELINE HGTS., AND T
  4. Jalcubed

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    Hey no worry, it was a relisation on my post when I figured out you had been away and of course you wouldn't have been able to read it. Silly me. :rolleyes:

    Hey well its good to have you back at the Gauge, not that you ever left. I hope everything is going well, back in good health for you. :thumb:

    Hey it would be great to see linear schematic of your railroad. I think I know what that means, you may need to clarify so I know I'm on the right track, excuse the pun. :D

    Your layout is quite similiar to what I have in mind and what I am planning. Except for my location is Colardo at the moment. Although I'm fascinated by the Arizona desert scenes and wonder if I could tie it in somehow.

    What era are you modeling??:confused:

    Also do you have a timetable of the day in the life of one of your locos. :confused: :confused: For instance, "early morning engine sotked up, water tank filled etc, then days journey throught to night." That type of thing, its oen thing I'm struggling tot find - the exact actions of a steam train - everything they do in a day, from maintence, refueling to traveling to where ever. If you could help me out with that it would be great.:confused: :confused:

    Anyway better be off. Getting very tired...:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

    :) :sleeping: :sleeping:
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    A & T Diagram


    The diagram that you made a couple of years ago, would be cool! More than likely this would have to be scanned and then downloaded.


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