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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by Glen Haasdyk, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    Thanks Jon, I already made a grinder at work today following your method. Except I used steel rod (it was what was handy)
  2. knudsen

    knudsen New Member

    Kewl, please post a piccy if you can...
  3. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    Unfortunetly I don't have a camera that can take good pictures up close, but I'll see what I can do in the future.
  4. Gary S.

    Gary S. Senior Member

    This is great stuff. I love it. Scratchbuilt detail parts is where it is at!!!

    I want more pics!
  5. knudsen

    knudsen New Member

    n/prob, Glen. When you get the cam, we'll have a look :)

    Gary, I'll share more later...
  6. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    Thanks for all your help with the interior. I thought I'd show you how it turned out:

  7. HO machine shop tools

    The engine house looks good, and I like those scratched grinders. Preiser has an HO kit for a metal lathe and drill press which are very well done. They're easy to miss in the Walther's catalogue, though, 'cause the kit is listed under the military models section instead of superdetails. Here are the ones I built.


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  8. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    Thanks, but the lathe and drill pres that you mentioned are in the bottom right corner of the enginehouse, it's just a little hard to see them clearly with the picture that I took.
  9. Now I see 'em there. It'll be a good pay off for visitors when they peer in through the windows.

  10. hooknlad

    hooknlad Member

    I have noticed more and more machine shop equipment in this weeks HO Scale accessories listings, pretty reasonable i'd say. Good Luck !!!!

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