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Discussion in 'Railroading' started by thaddeusthudpucker, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. thaddeusthudpucker

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    I am going to start doing some card-modeling, not only because it seems like a really cool thing to do at 3 in the morning when i get tired of playing Railroad Tycoon 3, but because the basic premise of it sounds like I can do it on the cheap.

    So: I am thinking I want to build stuff in HO scale, since I already have HO scale stuff. And it is a good size when you live in about 96 square feet. What I am most interested in building is train cars, freight and passenger. My media will probably be Manila file folder. I have built a couple truss bridges out of the stuff (and just might do another). i will probably build the carbody out of manila and use pennies (they're cheap :p ) and buy a set of truck and couplers for each car. Unless I figure out an ingenious way otherwise of course...

    The point: Anybody have any suggestions as to where to start for some patterns? (I prefer North American-type stuff :p )

    What computer software is there that I can design my own stuff?

    Any pointers, suggestions, slaps in the face with a tuna are appreciated!!
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    Welcome to the fold, as we say. You're right, it's not very expensive, but can be additive! :) Here's a link to some very nice HO scale houses.

    Search Google for card models and paper models and you'll find enough to keep you busy for a long, long time.
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    Model railroad magazines offer scale drawings of freight and pax cars for scratchbuilders. You could scan those, color them in Photoshop, and turn them into kits--for your own use. Copying or scanning and distributing them is verboten.

  4. RichBohlman

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    Yeah, the scalescenes' products are nice, easy to build and very realistic.
  6. 60103

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    Model railroader used to print articles on building "dollar cars" -- you could buy everything for a dollar. But then MR only cost 50 cents. (1950s). I think there's a book collection of the articles.
    You can often find old magazines at train shows or sometimes in hobby shops. The plans are still good, but the price is a lot less.

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