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    I am currently working on a scratchbuild project and need steam and sand domes for a ~44 scale inch boiler in HO. I am looking for middle or late era style domes, similar to something found on a porter, switcher or narrow gauge loco.

    Most super detailing cataglogs feature pictures or drawings of the domes, but do not list the boiler size (unless it was for a specific loco like the K-27). Mostly they are simply described as "small steam dome", etc. Can anyone point me towards steam and sand domes for this particular size boiler? I am willing to modify one lightly if needed.


    Greg C
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    wow, I would have guessed that I'd have some replies with all of the loco kitbashes done in the archives.
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    What threw me was the small boiler diameter. As you note, most detail suppliers don't get too specific regarding the size of their offerings. Precision Scale offers quite a few steam and sand domes, 16 for steam, and 19 for sand, with no sizes given for any of them, other than large, medium, or small, and those for just a few of them. Probably your best bet would be to look at stuff that's meant for HOn3 models: PSC lists nine of both steam and sand, in various styles. You could also try scratchbuilding the domes. I'd start with either brass or copper tubing of the proper diameter. Cut a piece longer that you need for the finished height of the dome, then fill it with molten lead. Then use various mill files to get the proper shape, both for the shoulders at the top, and also for the proper contour for it to sit atop the boiler. If you need decorative bands around the domes, use either thin brass bar stock or strip styrene, ca'ed in place.

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    I am willing to use narrow gauge domes if needed. I'm also thinking of turning my own in my ghetto lathe/drill press. If I knew a specific loco had a similar diameter (like a c-16), that would make things easier.

    It would save me from having to buy brass stock, tool holders and other items needed to file/turn down my own.

    This will be for a narrow gauge loco, by the way.

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