HMCS Ottawa II - build progress

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by B-Manic, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. beejay

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    Hello B-Manic
    I have found a good reference book for you. The title is "River Class Destroyers of the Royal Candian Navy" by Ken Macpherson. There must be a copy in your local library.
    Re the 3 gun fit, (she is your ship so you can fit her out how you like!), the 2 gun arrangement was much preferred, due to the fact that there was a much greater field of fire and visiblity from 'B' and 'X' mountings as they were higher up in the ship and in a heavy sea they were much easier to reload as well.
    Just had quick thought shipmate - I hope these nautical matters are not boring the other members!!!
  2. Rick Thomson

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    I don't suppose that he could take a quick peek for some drawings of the Maggie or the Bonnie could he? And I know that my cousin would just about kill for a card model of his first ship, HMCS Fundy (Bay class minesweeper in the early 60's).
  3. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    Beejay -

    A friend of mine (dreaded plastic modeler) just lent me that book. Looks like the two gun version it is. I am not looking forward to building those tiny hedgehog bomblets.

    Rick -

    It never hurts to ask. :)
  4. beejay

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    Hello B-Manic,
    I am very pleased that you are going for the 2 gun fit!!. I am still looking for additional references for you.
    I am sure that building the Hedgehog bombs will be a doddle for you - but rather you than me for building all those depth charge throwers and racks!! (Not my department , Chief!!)

    Hello Rick
    The design of the RCN Bay Class Minesweepers was nearly identical with that of the RN ''Ton'' Class Minesweeper. I do not know if the is a card model available of this class but I do know that there 1/72nd scale plans commercially available.
    Also please note that there were two ships of this Class named HMCS FUNDY. The first, pennant number MCB 145, was built by St John Dry Dock and launched in April 1953 was sold to France in 1954.
    The second, which must have been the one your cousin served in, was pennant number MCB 159, built by Davie Ship Builders and launched 14th June 1956.
    With regards to HMCS Magnificent, as you probably know, she was a Light Fleet Carrier of the Royal Navy 'Majestic' Class. She was launched 16th Nov 1944 as HMS Magnificent but was not completed until 21 May 1948 for the RCN, being re-named HMCS Magnificent.
    HMCS Bonaventure was a Light Fleet Carrier of the same Class, launched as HMS Powerful on 27 Feb 1945. Construction was halted and she never served in the RN. Her construction was resumed in 1952 for the RCN and the decision to rename her HMCS Bonaventure was taken in 1956. She was completed and first commissioned in that name on 17th Jan 1957.
    With regards to drawings, for starters, can I suggest Conways All The Worlds Fighting Ships 1947-1982 Vol.1 which has an excellent starboard side elevation and plan view drawing of her as she looked in 1968 at 1/1250 scale
    Yours aye
  5. Rick Thomson

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    Thanks Beejay, I'll see if I can find a copy of that.
  6. B-Manic

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    Some progress being made. Attached pix shows target build configuration, replaced after funnel, and prototype 20mm dry fit. I managed to replace the funnel without causing too much damage. The 20mm requires some refining prior to building them all.
  7. beejay

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    Hello B-Manic
    Very nice and shipshape!
    Yours aye
  8. Clashster

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    Looks great! Nice job! The 20 mm looks good (and pretty darn small)! Thanks for the update!

  9. chane

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    Hi B-Manic:
    Beautiful work thus far. The underwater hull looks great for a card board model. Keep up the good work

    Hi Rick:
    "HMCS Whatever" is correct for Canadian warships!

    Ottawa, Canada
  10. Teamski

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    Excellent job! Nice and clean! :)

  11. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    I plan to progress this build at some point. I am still working on the - hedgehogs research, design, scale, build, I have other projects progressing as well.

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