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  1. foulrift

    foulrift Bob

    While construction on my layout is on hold I deceided to try and find historical background for it. Although my layout is purely freelanced/imaginary I still thought it would be fun.
    My layout is a 2'x8' switching layout inspired by Progressive Rails Air Lake Industrial Park in Minn.
    Hear are some pictures-
    First is the basic track plan

    Here is an early view of the layout with some of the structures added just to get an idea of placement

    Next I downloaded Google Earth which allows you to go anyplace and get an aerial view of an area. My railroad name Foul Rift Industrial Park is taken from an area in Warren County,NJ. It runs along the Delaware River. There is an existing rail line which follows the river. Back in the late 1800's the Bel-Del railroad ran this route,became part of the Pennsy and later merged with United NJ Railroad and Canal Company. Years later it became part of Conrail and NS. You will notice that although there are no industrial parks here,having an existing rail line makes it viable.

    Lastly is a view of Air Lake Park- the loads are dropped on the main line by CP. The parks switcher brings them into the park. There is no yard or runaround track so cars are put wherever there is room. They actuall they use two switchers. Once all the cars are spotted the empties are returned to the mail line for pickup.

    I hope to have new layout photos soon. Enjoy-Bob
  2. Trainiac77

    Trainiac77 Member

    Great idea! Why reinvent the wheel or industrial switching layout? Keep those pictures coming!
  3. foulrift

    foulrift Bob

    Thanks for the reply. I will post more photos when I start construction again. Bob
  4. sgtcarl

    sgtcarl Member

    keep on trackin'

    great idea, and excellent workmanship!! I have tried to use x-trk CAD, but my poor ole brain started smoking whenever I tried to get it to work right. So I used Atlas' RTS 8.0 Freeware.
  5. foulrift

    foulrift Bob

    sgtcarl-been there,done that. XTrak still gives me fits but at least I was able to get the basic plan down.

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