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    Like to introduce my latest model of NAGATO as she appeard in 1931. The original model was designed by Etsutan Wakayama from Japan in scale 1:400.
    I build the model in scale 1:250 and used the original design as a template for my model. It's not fully completed, still have to do a lot of detail work. The problem was to find the right material to research the model, there is not much around from that period, my main inspiration was and is Futabasha's 3DCG book of NAGATO.
    Here are some pictures.
    Hope you enjoy them.



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  2. JohnMGD

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    Here some more pictures.


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  3. papastumpy

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    Outstanding build, would liked to have seen this one as a build thread. I have the 1/200 Fly (OOP) 89 version of the IJN Nagato. Will study your wonderful photographs for all the great detail you have included. The bi-wing float planes are just over the top for a protypical build. My hat is off to you sir.:wave:
  4. lizzienewell

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    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  5. eatcrow2

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    Outstanding work!!!!!!!! Great photos showing her off,,,,:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  6. Gregory Shoda

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    Wonderful job! Something to be proud of!
  7. Teamski

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    :shock:....I think I just soiled myself... Wow! What a job!

  8. Lex

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    I have never seen an Etsusan model built... This is fabulous with extra details!
  9. THE DC

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    Very impressive!


    The DC
  10. Beachead

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    Yes - very well done. Congrats!
  11. eibwarrior

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    Wow, what great detail.

    Simply gorgeous ship. Great Nagato John.
  12. birder

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    Beautiful, nice full hull and size to enjoy. Wonderful!
  13. JHS

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    Excellent work and a beautiful model. Where can I go to order this NAGATO and other models in this line?
  14. JohnMGD

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    Hi JHS,

    Just go to this website:

    http: //eng.dlsite.com/search/result/=/_search/1/limitation_age/0/product_state/3/maker_id/RG06830

    It's the English order site of ETSUTAN Wakayama.
    The models are in scale 1:400, I enlarged them to 1:250. I use the Etsutan models only as a template, designed a lot of stuff from scratch with help of many books about the NAGATO (mainly Japanese ones). Although there is not a lot of material around from this period (1930's).

    Good luck

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    Doesn't work for me is there a home page we can go from?
  16. JHS

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    All you need to do is to close the space between the two forward slashes and the colon.

    Thanks for the link, John.
  17. hmas

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    DOH! didn't even see that, ta.
  18. JohnMGD

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    Hi Guys,

    The original website is:

    http ://www.geocities.jp/papercraft_etsutan/Download.html

    Here you can see the models as build by Etsutan.


    PS: Remove spaces between http and :


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