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    Hi all,

    Right now I'm preparing a new model, the Japanese Heavy Cruiser ASHIGARA ( scale 1:200)from the MYOKO Class. I placed the following message in several fora from cardmodeling to naval fora's.
    I like to build her as she was in 1937 during her visit to Europe (Portsmouth and Kiel), during this visit she was photographed extensavely in Portsmouth as well as in Kiel. I must say I have some pictures (15 high res ones) and some small ones of her during this trip, but I know there are more especialy from Kiel. I have contacted the National Maritime Museum and in Germany the Bundesarchiv, but until now no response.
    Maybe there are some forum members (especialy the Japanese ones) who can help me to more information about these pictures, just feel free !!!



    PS: my NAGATO 1931 model is coming along fine, but is now in a Summer stop. She will be finished first before I start the ASHIGARA.
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    Great topic, are you going to scratch build her?
  3. JohnMGD

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    Well, I have an old GPM model of NACHI that I'm going to use as a template (as I did with NAGATO).
    But it's all still in the preparation fase, reading drawings, translating Japanese text and planning eventual somthing special with her, hopefully it will work out!!
    First I have a Summer stop until September (Three months Canada), then I have to finish NAGATO 1931 and then ASHIGARA.


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