hiding switch mechanisms?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Woodyncarlyle, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Woodyncarlyle

    Woodyncarlyle New Member

    I started laying out my track today. I decided to use electrc switches, does anyone have some tips on blending the switch mech. into the scenery. using under table switches isn't really an option.

    Thank you all
  2. Collyn

    Collyn Member

    some times I surround them with bushes, you could ramp up plaster or foam around them and apply turf as long as you don't get it in the mechanism, and the most common option, for me anyway is to suffer
  3. train1

    train1 Member

    How about painting the electric switches a rust color and surrounding it with metal fencing.
  4. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    well, im thinking hard about an under table switch machine, but i have never had one before. i think ill buy 1 and see how it works, before i buy enough for all my switches.
  5. MCL_RDG

    MCL_RDG Member

    Being the ever...

    ...consummate N Scaler- I accepted big hunking pieces of plastic next to my switch machines much as I would accept having to step over all the air lines used to move switch points in a real rail yard. A little hiding by sweeping some "growth" near them is OK. Other than that- it am be what i'm at!

    I personally have fallen head over heals in love with (and okay- so on occasion I wear heels! you got a problem with that???!!!) Kato's trackage since I have big meat hooks. My wife enjoys my large, rough hands but, my track work suffers- 'magine. The Kato switches totally enclose the mechanism beneath their formed ballast. Quite cool. 'taint nuthin to see. Is it pricey if you're on a budget or priceless (much like me in heels)? I'll bop anyone on the nose who takes me seriously!!!! about the heels thing. Further more I'll point you to my denials in another post here of which is beyond the scope of this discussion.


    No 1. They don't make heels in Men's size 14WWW.
  6. csxengineer

    csxengineer Member

    Painting switch machine

    Train 1 had a great idea! If you don't have a lot of switches, painting it rusty and adding some more junk may help it blend in like a scrap yard, or just where people dumped their junk autos,etc. Thanks.
  7. Collyn

    Collyn Member

    The Kato switches totally enclose the mechanism beneath their formed ballast.

    does kato's swithches work well, the bachman swithches are compleatly worthless, I was thinking about taking the track off and replaceing it, it shouldm't be too hard the track comes off easy enough as long as you find all the screws
  8. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    I tried this on a piece of foam just to see what was involved.
    Somewhat ticky but could be a lot worse.:D :D

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  9. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    hey, that looks like it would work, a start anyway.
  10. train1

    train1 Member

    Now that IS neat
  11. MCL_RDG

    MCL_RDG Member

    Kato switches...

    ...that I have work great. I have yet to power them and in fact- if I need anymore- I'm using them manually. I will power the out of reach ones but they snap nice and tight- seldom have contact problems with locos and they look fantastic.

    Mind you- I am a klutz with trackwork, have a bad back and don't wanna hafta mess hovering over switch joints etc, too long. It's my easy way to good looking track that operates smoothly.

    (Note to self: Send Kato bill.)
  12. Woody, I have successfully covered the mechanisms with aluminum foil, then plastered and landscaped over them. No hint of the ugly things will remain. Frankly, I never understood why everybody does not do this... I just don't see the downside.
  13. the gricer

    the gricer New Member

    I'd just let them be, after painting the track and ballasting, with the addition of scenery they are not that obtrusive. Having them out in the open means ease of installation and maintanence. If you hide them too well they will be a nuisance to fix. Some great layouts like Olsens "Jerome and Southwestern" didn't bother to hide them. You don't notice them at all in the pictures of the layout unless you look for them.
  14. Metro Red Line

    Metro Red Line New Member


    IT'S A TRAP!!!!!
  15. corniche

    corniche New Member

    Hello Woody,

    I would like to expand on CidChase's idea. Is it possible to remove those bulky switch machines, (that are a hallmark of Atlas's sectional track), and replace them with realistic sprung ground throws from Caboose Industries?

    An ideal solution would be if Atlas' Custom Line switches, (which require a ground throw because they don't have those hideous appendages), would also work with their sectional track.

    If this is too much work for you, (or it isn't possible for some reason), then Collyn's or Peter's ideas for building up scenery around them would be the next best option I suppose.

    Best wishes,

  16. kf4jqd

    kf4jqd Active Member

    Hey Cid:
    That is a very clever idea with the Atlas switches! My track is already mounted and partly ballasted! :(


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