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    Does anyone in the Forum Know where i can buy antique or old Fleischmann items:confused:, iVE been looking around for quite some time now and have not seen many for sale or in any collections. I presume the majority of the Fleischmann stuff will be in Germany.

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    Hi Nick C!
    Welcome to The Gauge!
    Since I'm a modeler, & know pretty much nothing about collecting trains, I probably can;t help you, but I've seen Fleishman items listed quite regularly on ebay...
    You would be a better judge of what that's worth than I would.
    Good luck!
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    Welcome aboard Nick,

    I have the Fleischmann hand operated N-gauge turntable Pt # 9150 (still new in box) bought about 25 years ago. Never did get round to using it :)

    At only 25 years old I'm not sure it would be termed "Antique" :) .
    it can handle locos 6.5" (16.5 cm) and the inner carton is a cardboard cutout for a two bay roundhouse.

    The whole assembls sits flush on a layout baseboard and is the correct height for the Fleischmann grey plasic roadbed track.


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    Hey Nick welcome to the Gauge! :D

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