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  1. Kai

    Kai New Member

    I am Kai and new to paper modeling. A few days ago I was looking for a model of the time machine from the old movie and so I found lots of paper models of time machines.

    In the moment I am working at the model of the time machine from the other movie Back to the Future. It is the DeLorean with the well-known flux components around. Very nice thing! After that I try to make the other old school time machine which is my favorite. Beside them there are so many exiting models, I can't believe that so many years I didn't heard of paper modeling.

    Well, I am 38 years old and live in Germany with my wife and 2 kids. My job is software development with a mechanical engineering background. And when after family and job some time is left I try to do my best at online poker.

    That's for now. I hope this site helps exchanging knowledge and experience for great modeling in the future. Maybe sometimes I am able to also construct new models. But first I try to learn the basics.

    Best regards
  2. Kai

    Kai New Member

    By the way, does anybody uses any software tools to cnstruct models? Which ones do their job best?
  3. Kai

    Kai New Member

    This site is huge!

    In the moment I try to detect the depth of this site. So many interesting threads ad I can't decide which to read through first.

    As I can say now, I will concentrate on the science fictions models first. Can someone help me which models belong the the easier ones? I fear that too complicated models will blast my interest to the moon. So step by step is the better way to increase knowledge
  4. Wojtee

    Wojtee Member

    Hi, Kai.
    You can find easier SF models on www.paper-replika.com , for instance. They have some nice Star Wars models, as well as some mecha (Gundam, Patlabor), not to mention the Optimus Prime (which is not really that hard to put together, but has sooo many parts (some 260 pages or so...).
    My attempts on Snowspeeder and Optimus here:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (I have the OP half-sized. Final height at 130 cm is a bit too much for me :))

    As for the software, people use various programs from Sketchup and Blender to Rhino and such... SU and Rhino even have some unfolding plugin, which makes the construction easier...
  5. Kai

    Kai New Member

    I like the model on the transparent base. Very nice appearance, looks like it is hovering over ground
  6. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    I have not chimed in on your welcome but Welcome aboard. One thing about papermodeling, it is more economical than playing poker online, unless you are playing for free. Hope to see some of your works soon and enjoy. See you around the forums.

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