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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by willis398, Feb 14, 2010.

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    I joined this site after coming across it while doing 'net research for a new project. I have found many new tips and techniques here as well as many new ideas to try!!! I have been building scale plastic and metal models for many, many years and now I want to try out the new (for me) medium of Paper Models. My main interest is in NASA Space programs. In particular, the Space Shuttle Program and the International Space Station.
    Thank you to everyone who work to make this site available and all of the members and supporters who give it purpose and direction to remain running.
    ---Will :thumb::cool:
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    Glad to see you Willis! The four-foot ISS in the "real space" downloads can be printed at 4-pages per sheet to give you a manageable model (two-foot wide, saves paper and ink). It's good practice and you end up with a nice desk model. Once you feel comfortable, check out AXM's superb ISS model in the card model, space & aeronautics section.


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