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    I live in Canada, main hobbies are rc trucks/cars, airplanes, playing guitar, favourite plane F-22 Rapter

    does anyone know where I can find Plans to build a StarWars Snowspeeder ?
    I found threads on the net, but no plans (blueprints with dimensions or templates), all I have found were finished pictures and some videos
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    Welcome to the forum, I think you will like it here. There is a great SnowvSpeeder Thread here, check it out! :)
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    Welcome aboard and I knw that you will like it here. As per your request. Our downloads free section is closed to new members until they make at least 10 viable post. ( A sentence or comment that makes sense). But in the meantime. you will find your request over at paper replika, http://www.paper-replika.com/index.php?option=com_alphacontent§ion=10&category=106&Itemid=169&limitstart=75 It may be a little small but there is buffet of many, many Star Wars items that may interest you. The only request that I have, is that you post your work here. Enjoy and see you around the forums
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    I think the Snow Speeder you are looking for is here, same website, different section:


    Click on "Read More', then scroll down (past the Instructions, which I advise you save), then click on:

    "T-47 Snowspeeder papercraft template"
    Remember the Password paper-replika.com needed to open the .pdf file.

    Click On "I agree" (to the terms) then "Click here to Proceed" box. Then save the model to the location of your desire. The model can only be used for non commercial purposes.

    This model scales up really well, though you will need Photoshop or something similar to separate and set up the pictures as needed. Hope that helped. :)
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  6. DarthDamn

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    That is awesome, thank you for sharing that :thumb:

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