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    Hi! I'm DTM. I worked with the XWAUP team to upgrade the X-Wing Alliance PC game. I've just read your post at the XWAUP forum. My hobby is to draw 3d cad models with textures, but sometime I play with paper too: in my leaving room there are a paper AT-AT walker and an ISD downloaded from the sitr of a japaneese artist. In these weeks I'm building the Black Pearl found at Disney experience. Really funny!
    In the past I've already given permission to use my own mashes and textures to someone to build papercraft. I really don't remember his name...but I know there is a guy in this comunity who is already using XWAUP material. Personally I belive that it's a good thing to build paper models from my 3d cad models, but I'm not the owner of the XWAUP project, I can only speak for myself.
    My XWAUP ships are: Otana, Outrider, Mod Nebulon B, Strike Cruiser, Calamari Cruisers.
    Some of my not-XWAUP ships are: V-19, Diplomatic Cruiser, Republic corvet, LAAT, Rand Ecliptic...and more.

    My main site is:
    Be welcome and get a look...

    All crafts are in .opt format used by the XWA game. I can easilly convert them in 3DS format.
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    I moved a copy of your post to the Introductions section, as it saves a lot of trouble. You do fantastic work. Can you export to .dxf.dwf. stl, etc or, especially, (for me) .3dm?

    I work in Rhino3D 4.0 and 5.0 primarily. .obj is another format people use.

    Welcome to the forum! Peek and poke around. We are every happy you joined and look forward to seeing any work you wish to post.

    I would be very interested in seeing any renders you wish to post, and if you wished to upload any meshes, we would be happy to host them, as research material. You can request that they be removed at anytime. Send me a P.M., as their is a size limit on uploads, I can work it out with you.

    This forum deals with a lot of Sci-Fi so it is very exciting when we have a Sci-Fi graphics designer come on board. Welcome to Zealot! :)
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    Welcome to the club!

    Hey, DTM

    Is that Digital Terrain Model? sign1 sign1
    Sorry, man, I just couldn't miss that joke! :mrgreen: All right, seriously now: you already model? That's great! I started playing with Blender, and have produced my own first model.
    Work is paused until the end of June, but I can assure you this: we all want to see your work, and if you need to unfold any of your models, let us know. I'm a volunteer for that after June! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
    Welcome again!
  4. DTM

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    I'm able to convert my models into a good 3ds format. All other format should be exported from the 3ds file...
    Soon I will update my site into a more confortable html format, to show all my models and the hosted ones.
    I prefear to release my models for free, but only in opt format, used to install them in the XWA game. For the people who don't have the pc game, I will add a free opt-viewer to show the spacrafts in a 3d space hambient with free orbital view. I will convert them in other formats only if someone ask for it. I preafer to do so, because the XWAUP team had lot of problem with unfreandly users: even if we made our models for the XWA game, we do not have problem to share them with other games' users. Unfortunatly some unknown guys began to release our models for other games showing themself as main author. That's not fair! We spend lot of time creating original mashes and textures, and you may understand that is really frustrating to see our own hard work released by unknown "authors". An example: if you make a google search, you will find my Rand Ecliptic model released for pc games without credits, badly converted by mystherous authors...
    I will be happy to share with you images, textures and, only if asked, 3d models. I'm also creating a guide "how to create 3d spaceship models" for cad beginner users.
  5. Rhaven Blaack

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. It is always a treat to have a game designer join our community. As (I am sure) you have seen, we have quite a few members who are really into Star Wars (as a whole). I believe that you are going to make many friends and even for people happy with even more Star Wars options.
    By all means, please post photos of your models and when you decide to build more, please post a build thread. I look forward to seeing your work.

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help or advice. Please feel free to ask, and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction.

    Once again, welcome aboard.
  6. zathros

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    People are thieves. It's a sad but true fact. I think it is wise of you to be careful on how you release your work. No one here will fault you for that. This kind of theft happens in the card model hobby world all the time, with people sometimes selling the work of others. I think for the most part, we have a group of honest people here.We BAN people ho steal others people's work. :)
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    Hello, DTM!

    Your models are great and it is great to have the creator of these beauties in this forum. Have fun and enjoy! :thumb:

    Kind regards

    Marcell :wave:
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    It's always good to see a creator :)
    You are welcome here!

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