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    Greetings Zealot!

    My name is Carlos and I am here looking for pep files, interesting people, and great projects.

    I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas that I am anxious to try out, but I am having trouble with the registration marks. Everything I find is set to A4, and I only have letter. Gah! haha

    Anyway, I am glad I found what looks to be an interesting forum. Happy to be here.
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    Thw Silohouette registration marks consum a large area of the paper, in the sense that you don't use the whole sheet as you might in another file. if you have a Pepakura file, with the marks already on it, just print the Pepakura file and then stick the printed piece, after mounting it, and try to cut it. If the cuts are off,, make a simple circle, then print it, mount and cut. If the machine does not cut it right, it is defective. Call Silohouette, the tech will put you through a couple of tests and give you a "Return Authorization". I messed around for mine for a month before realizing that it was defective. They sent me a new one, I haven't touched it in a year, it made me lose interest really fast. They should make sure every single one of those work before you pay for it. It's like making the model all over again, drawing that cutting path. Too much work.

    Welcome to the forum! Glad you joined. :)
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    Silohouette Calabration

    I have file you print put it in the Silhouette a circle with vertical line and horizontal run the cut then based in witch quadrant the center cut is made then changes tn the soft ware I use cutting master 2 it tuck several tests when it is wright it is wright on.
    PM me or e mail when I find the whole processes I will email it all to you
    you can print many test patterns on one page

    If I can be of any other service shout it at me if i can I WILL

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    Best bet is dealing with the Silohouette techs. They go step by step. There should be no need for any adjustments, or any external software. These machines work or they don't. Usually is it a problem with the machine not returning to "0,0", the relative positioning start point. That cannot be adjusted by the user and could void any warranty you have. Better to have them send you a "New One" with one that is out of calibration.

    p.s. Mac, Right click on an open space and use "Check Spelling", it really helps understand postings better! :)
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