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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by teckno viking, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. teckno viking

    teckno viking New Member

    Hi Folks.

    The TECKNO VIKING hath landed!

    I`m Jason and am a keen modeller/customizer of figures in 1/18th and 1/6th scale. Also build the odd Film prop replica for my collection, as well as collecting Screen Used and Screen Accurate props from a few Franchises.

    You can see some of my stuff here http://jps68.deviantart.com/

    I`ve always stayed away from the paper craft part as it looks daunting (some of the stuff I`ve build inc 1:1 props and still this looks scary).

    However I see more and more the possibilities of building vehicle/craft models at 1/18th scale using this method.
    So I figured to hell with it and signed up, hopefully will tackle one or two projects. The Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter and Classic BSG Viper and Landram are high on my list to be done at 1/18th scale, as I`m building some custom figures for these franchises at 1/18th scale and BSG, the motorbikes too.

    I do have the old Mego action figure Thunder Fighter and few figures from both Buck and BSG. However I Love figures to be more accurate, detailed and better articulation.

    So fingers crossed I can combine the wonderful stuff here with what I`m doing and further my model collection.

    So even though I have a lot of experience with modelling and customizing, I will be a total NooB with this paper craft building LOL So I hope you don`t mind questions
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I must say that with your fabrication skills, I think you will find this quite easy. Questions are a great way to find out what you need to know, so please, ask away!

    Great to have you aboard, I was astonished by your work, it is fantastic!! :)

  3. teckno viking

    teckno viking New Member

    Thank`s Zathros for the warm welcome and kind words.

    For some reason I see the paper/card craft models and panic LOL I know I`m capable (i hope) but as a medium I`ve not used, I just don`t know LOL

    Still with this great forum and inspiration flowing, I have to try and see if I can work in some of these wonderful projects into my 2 scales I like modelling in.

    Though I seem to be re-visiting an old childhood/adolescence's scale of 1/72 lately, so may try there first to test the waters LOL Though the other part of me say`s Jump in at 1/18th scale.

    My wife loves the fact that Zathros still exists being a "beast of burden" (as one of her fav B5 minor characters LOL).
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Zathros, (really spelled Zathrus, I've been told many times, sounded like Zathros to me) was one of my favorite characters also. it is amazing that he appeared so little but had such an impact on the show, within, as Zathros, and without, as the actor who played Zathros , Tim Choate. I think I've found a new avatar picture! :)

  5. megapanda

    megapanda New Member

    Hi techno vicking welcome to the forum as zathros you r a f**ng skilled dude :D nice job :D
  6. teckno viking

    teckno viking New Member

    @Zathros, well there you have it in a nut shell, Zathrus is to B5 as Boba Fett is to Star Wars LOL :D

    @megapanda, thanks mate for the warm welcome and very kind words. Got a long way to go before I`d say skilled though LOL Moreso Competent springs to mind.

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