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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Krawler, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Russ Bellinis

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    Glad to hear you are home, as one who's wife is a hospital nurse, hospitals are dangerous places. In spite of attempts to keep everything clean and sterile, many of the people they let in have diseases; and the germs are pernicious little things!
  2. Krawler

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    Thanks for the thoughts guys they mean so much to me.

    Well it's nearly 10 pm on Sunday and I thought I would give ya an update. Found out some boundaries such as I can't sit up more now that I am home*LOL* but I am slowly regaining my strength. Walking is still very limited and wobbly.

    To give you a little more about what I had done. They removed my lower belly. It had filled with fluid. From mid April till Sept 4th I had gained 60 pounds. I was on a 1200 - 1500 calorie diet and still gaining. They aren't sure why my body did this but I am moving in the right direction now. I have lost nearly 100 lbs this month and I start a journey to a new healthier life.

  3. CCT70

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    That's great news Shane, keep on getting better and check in to let us know how it's going for you.
  4. CNWman

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    WOW!:eek: That's GREAT news!:thumb: I hope you fully recover soon!

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