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  1. Zuesacoatl

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    Hey all,

    I can not believe these past few months I have not found this site as of yet. I found out about you guys from the RPF, where i learned about Pep, and paper craft in general. I enjoy creating anything that poses a challenge to me, and paper craft is one tough cookie to master. I just got done building my sons Halloween costume, a MK VI pep that was offered from the glorious people at the 405th. I am going to be taking on a few projects this year, and I hope I can tap this well of info for help. Thanks for allowing me in, I look forward to browsing the work and wips, and gaining as much info as i can.

  2. Zathros

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    Well :welcome1: to out forum. Post some pics of your costume design. There are a few members here that have expressed interest in that genre. If your looking for something particular, and can't find it after searching, ask, I am sure someone here can point you in the right direction. Glad to have you here!:thumb:
  3. Zuesacoatl

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    here is the helmet wip, it is on my youngest son, he thought it was cool lol.

    and the chest wip, before any hardening. My son was happy to see his costume coming together.

    though he does not look it lol
  4. Zathros

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    I bet he is! That's the costume of a lifetime! Thanks for the pics and keep'em coming!

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