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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by MikeC, Jul 14, 2001.

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    Nice to see theres someone else here that models N&W / Virginian. I model N&W set in the late 40s early 50s steam only, no DIEsels!! How do you like those Y3s from Lifelike? Its hard waiting for Bachman to get the Spectrim J out too ,isnt it? My current layput is an arround the walls DCC layout in a 12 x 13 foot basement room. Curently single tracked, but considering going to double track with a long mine spur. Is there anyone else here that does N&W ?..........Mike

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    Hi Mike!
    Good to see your message. Welcome to the Gauge
    I do have a Proto 2K Mallet...VGN 737...joined my local HO club so I could buy it!!!LOL
    I like it a lot, except it's too light , and not much room to add weight...I've put in a little, a lead block in the cab, and some solder fitted in along the space along the interior edge of the boiler seams...there are a couple of club members who have one, and we're all trying to come up with ways to weight them up to increase traction.
    My dream is to 'represent' , as close to proto as possible, Roanoke to Blufield and up the Guyandotte to Mullens... (maybe the electrified line through Princeton to Mullens,if I can every find some of those ELCs!!!), 1950, through about '67. Still debating whether to give up the N scale and seriously look for a bigger space to build the layout in...hmmm, 20' by 40-60' should be a start.
    I run the 'Lost Virginian Coal Train' ( I live in Northern California) on the HO club layout...in a room about that size.

    I just received some sad news...the Train Museum in Mullens,WV was destroyed by a flood last Sunday.... I was planning a trip this fall. From what I know of it's location... the town must be devastated. :sad:
    I didn't know Bachmann was planning to release a J...any more info??
    Where do you live? I was born in Roanoke, lived there a few years of child hood, Mom and other family live there now...or at least in the Roanoke Valley...Salem, Hollins.

    There is a fella lives in Arizona, Don Brown,(dbn160) who models N&W, N scale, posts here sometimes...he's turned me on to a lot of great sites and info. His posts are still on a few forums.
    Well, hope to hear from you again.
    VGN [​IMG]

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    Hey VGN. Well first off I live in Columbus Ohio, so if youre in the area this fall drop by. One of my projects has been the cosmetic restoration of N&W Pacific # 578 thats at the Ohio Railway Museum. Just got the street side lettered today so everyone can see it. Hopefully I will be able to get som pics soon.
    I have 2 of the mallets and so far havent had much of a pulling problem, although my mainline is mostly flat. Thep pull better than my 4-8-0s at least. [​IMG] . I havent opened them up to look inside, sort of afraid to , they run so well now. Yes Bachman has a Spectrim J comming out this fall. ( probably more like next spring) Another loco you might be interested in will be the 2-6-6-6 that Rivorosi is going to release this christmas.
    Too bad about the flood, I know how hard it is to keep a museum going. [​IMG]
    Do you get the N&W / VGN group posts? N&W historical scociety has an e-mail group thats pretty active. Great place to ask questions about the area. Oh gotta go the pizza is here [​IMG] .....Mike
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    Hey Mike,
    Welcome aboard!
    Weren't the 4-8-0's the N&W homebuilts that they called "Mollies"?
    I'm an L&N guy myself, so that makes us kinda like next door neighbors! [​IMG]
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    Hi Charlie, I hadent heard that nickname before, but then I dont always remember things till someone beats me over the head with them sometimes [​IMG] . I have heard the term Mastadons B4 but not sure if N&W used this term either. L&Ns not bad, they did have some nice steamers. And the Fs looked real nice too. Hi Shamus, you seem to get arround to a lot of the boards. Have you thought of getting a free net service? You seem to get more done on a layout than most of us., and youre pics are always an insperation.........Mike

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