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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by DeckRoid, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Hiya folks.

    Before I get too involved in my question, be assured that photos are coming. Wife took the camera to work with her, am going to see her at noon and post them then.

    That being said:

    Can I use chaff from my hay barn on my layout? It's going to be Autumn in 1955 on my layout and I dont want to glue down some real foliage then watch in horror as it withers and turns brown to black on me. I took some alfalfa and glued it down on my test board (which is becoming something of a Frankenstein by now) and it still looks ok, but that was done on Saturday and I don't know how long it might take to turn.

    Every spring I sweep out my hay barn and the alfalfa still looks green/brown, but after 2 days in the weather, it turns black and becomes nice compost. I just don't want to have compost on my layout. Somehow it just wouldn't seem right.



  2. Nomad

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    Deckroid, I asked the same type of question a while back and was told I could use glycerin to preserve lychen and plants for the layout. Here you go.

  3. Relic

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    I've used lots of natural stuff and have had no problems in four years,but I gotta say I use cut up brown twine for chaff on my barn floors.I used glycerin when I first started to "preserve" my trees but being a slob,got it on the track,VERY BAD!! I don't know about nc rail,but I was using LifeLike steel rail at the time and the glycerin Ate a switch and made a mess of a couple of lengths of track.

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