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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sadie, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. sadie

    sadie New Member

    Sadie here.

    Hi everyone, it's my privilege to become a member of this unique forum. These is so much information here and I'm like a sponge :p

    I'm from Canada, and am an paper model enthusiast. I don't have any skills in designing but I'm craze about using scissors and glue :p

    The very first paper model I ever made was when I was about 13 years old, and it was a model kit from Scheiber-Bogen's Reinstag building. It was a gift from my sister and I finished it!! One of the best memories from my early teen years. Of course back then, I had little knowledge in what glue to use so it turned out to be a little .. shaky.. but I FINISHED it! Then I got busy being a teenager and a young adult, pursued education in Environment and now working in my filed of study which I absolutely love. One day, a German friend of mine posted a photo of Reinstag, an actual photo, and I was like 'hmm, I know this building, inside and out (literally)!'. So started to search and found out the company is still making the models and of course I immediately purchased the model. It brought back all the sweet memories of my childhood years building the model at my mom's basement. It also brought back the passion I once had for paper modeling. So here I am :)

    Happy to be a part of this group. Hope to learn more about everything and everyone here in the future.

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  2. Enterpriser10

    Enterpriser10 Since the beginning. . .

    Congratulations and wellcome, Sadie! It's very nice to know your beautiful "iniciation" into paper. As I discovered, the papermodeling is an art as hobby, and something simple amazing to do! . . .

    By the way, I was in Canada 18 years ago, and was wonderful! A beautiful country, indeed.
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  3. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Hello Sadie,

    Welcome to Zealot. So other than the Scheiber-Bogen's Reinstag building, what else are you interested in? What other models have you built? If you have photos, by all means, please post them. We all would love to see them

    As for not being a designer, do not worry about it. We have many members who are not designers (myself included. I am a test builder though.). So continue building models and post photos of them. Not only that but I would suggest posting build threads of your projects. Build threads are a great way to show off your skills as well as highlighting problem areas that you may need help with.

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help or advice. Please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction).

    Once again welcome aboard. I hope that you enjoy yourself here. I look forward to seeing your work!
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  4. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Canadian, Eh? Welcome Sadie. We are so happy to have you. I believe you will enjoy this forum, and I must say that was a wonderfully written Introduction.

    Try this site for many beautiful houses, buildings and structures, and just about everything else, actually, try these two sites, thier owners are members of this forum, and we share the same heart and mind, FREE RULES!!!:

    Link, Jules beautiful website=

    Many Houses, Buildings, etc., a fantastic Blog Link =

    Welcome to Zealot!!:):drinksmile:
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  5. sadie

    sadie New Member

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome!

    Zathros thank you for the links. These are some amazing models.

    A question for you all, have you seen any Yoda model anywhere? :p Just want to have him on my desk for guidance :D
  6. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I have to post this, you are a great model maker, don't be shy, post a crap load of pics. You can post 10 pics per post, and as many posts as you need. Actually, we require that you upload your images directly, they always remain your property, we just want them here so the threads remain whole, with pictures, for those who need reference. You can't get away with making some as wonderful as this and not show us!!?!! We want to see the whole process, every little thing is magic. Beautiful craftsmanship! :)


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  7. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator


    Ahh, Yoda you seek? Ask Revell-Fan you must! :)

    Hi Sady, welcome to Zealot!

    Such a treat to see another girl joining the forum! :)

    I agree with everything @zathros said.

    I'm from Germany and a huge Star Wars, Galactica and Buck Rogers fan. The model above was built in 2011 (and he still is in good shape). Unfortunately you won't find it anywhere for download. I unfolded it myself using two Yoda models from the SketchUp Warehouse in order to familiarize myself with Pepakura. So it mainly was a learning experience. I still have the unfolded parts but there are no instructions. In additon, the hands are not very good. I used metal clamps and ribbons for this project. The head is movable to allow various poses. It is 45 cm tall (3/4 scale). Back then we were featured in the German edition of the Official Star Wars Magazin (the article was entitled "Forceful paper" ;) ). Some day I'll revise and improve it. :)

    There are several other Yoda models out there:

    [​IMG] (animated series version)


    [​IMG] (with follow-me eyes)

    [​IMG] (life-size)

    The latter is the most exact one available at the moment. When I'm redoing my version I might use this as a base, exchange the head and use real fabric for the clothes.

    A few more excellent links:

    Have fun and enjoy! :)

  8. sadie

    sadie New Member

    Hi @Revell-Fan, thank you so much!! This is so exciting!! Too bad we can't download it anymore. But the other links you provided would work great for me as well. I really like the last one you posted, the life-size Yoda. I think I'm gonna go ahead and build it when I finish the one I'm currently working on.

    BTW, you won't hear this a lot from people, but German is my favourite language :p I can't speak it unfortunately.

    Thanks again for all the info above. This is just going great! :D
  9. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Na, dann aber hurtig, hurtig, ab in die Volkshochschule! :)
    (Well, then hurry up and attend the Community College! :) )

    Don't worry, nobody is perfect..! :D ;)

    I could teach you one or two things if necessary, BTW. :) Cylongirl is German, too.

    Which Yoda were you referring to when you said it couldn't be downloaded anymore? If you meant my version, that one has never been available for download. If you are missing one of the others, I may be able to help. ;)[/user]
  10. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Yodels!!! I love Yodels!! !!!!

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  11. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Ha, that's nothin'... How about some yodeling?

    ;) :)
  12. sadie

    sadie New Member

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  13. sadie

    sadie New Member

    Hi @Revell-Fan, I war referring to the one you built. I thought you downloaded it. Sorry, misunderstanding. But I manage to download the life-size one, they have two versions, one with lines and one without lines. Which one would you recommend?
  14. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Both, lines to show where to bed, and the unlined to actually build. You can dry fit with the lined pieces. :)

    Ambos, líneas para mostrar dónde cama, y el forro para construir realmente. Se puede secar en forma con las piezas alineadas. :)
  15. sadie

    sadie New Member

  16. Gandolf50

    Gandolf50 Researcher of obscure between war vehicles... Moderator

    Just catching up on Welcome to the Site! Missed a few as I was painting and such! ...Those models are quite good...look forward to seeing more frome you...I have GOT to see a build thread of the life sized Yoda! can you imagine a infrared, mp3 trigger, inside that did Yoda quotes when you walked up to it...:)

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