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  1. Hoghead

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    It has been quite awhile since I built a layout. I am looking to build an N-scale 3x7 with Kato Unitrack. I have looked over the Kato website and none of their track plans tickle my fancy. The Scenic Ridge track plan I doo sort of like, but I don't want to do the actual Scenic Ridge kit. I was thinking of substituting the bridges with diamonds and add a few industrial sidings. and maybe a tunnel.

    Does anyone know of any websites other than Kato that has Unitrack layout tracks plans?

    In case you are wondering
    I did join this website awhile back but spent much of the time just lurking about until I finally decided to try my hand at building a layout again.

    I do has some older N-scale stuff and I have purchased some newer equipment and the layout theme I want to do is basically the Eastern USA. I have NYC (My Grandfathers employer) and CSX (My employer) equipment. So the layout will flucuate between the two time periods.

    Thanks in advance
    The Hog
  2. Drew1125

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    Hi Hoghead!
    I'm kinda partial to flex track myself, but if I were going to work with the unitrack, I'd look through some track-planning books, & find some arrangement I liked the looks of...then, I'd just try to work the unitrack into something like what I was after...
  3. Hoghead

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    Thats why I am thinking of the Scenic Ridge track plan. The main reason I will using Unitrack is the power routing switches.
    Considering I am not Joe Electrician this will cut down with the wiring and using insulated joiners etc.

    The only problem I see is the Kato uses the metric system for it's track and I am from the Old School that used the English system!
  4. Tyson Rayles

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    Uh, Hoghead there is another problem with the Kato track. It's called $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I'd learn some simple wiring and you would save enough money by buying reg. type track to pay for all your structures and 3 of your kids college education :D :D :D :D
  5. Hoghead

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    I have budgeted for the price of Unitrack and as long as I don't do a 20'x40' with a huge yard I should be alright
  6. 60103

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    Hoghead: have a look at Thortrains site. (he's posted links all around here) He draws trackplans the way some guys smoke.
    Watch out for changing bridges to flat crossings -- the locations may not work with your sectional track.
  7. are you wanting like a simle olvol with sding industriel and a small frieght yard?????????????
  8. well here is a small cool layout needs a little changes but not many it would work for unitrack if you did a few smallthings diffrent

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  9. Hoghead

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    Actually I was thinking more of a twice around type layout. I would like to use the middle of the layout for trackage. Basically I want a longer run......but Trainmasta......I do like the image you posted because it incorporates a diamond.

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