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    I think I have created a lot more work than necessary for myself but what's done is done. I evidently misunderstood wiring for DCC. I have dropped track feeders after every third or fourth flex track section. But I insulated the track each time creating blocks that I don't need. I have just hooked up all the feeds to a temporary buss and everything works fine of course. Is there any need for the insulated gaps that I have used and is it OK to just leave them if not? I have over 150' of track down now. I just ordered an auto reverse unit for my turntable from Tony's on phone and he was confused when I told him about the blocks I have created.
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    Actually you may have inadvertently done it better than you expected. The advantage of wiring DCC with separate blocks is that now you can easily upgrade to block detection, transponding, and signalling... most DCC systems can recognise that there's a train on a section of track (isolated by insulation), and some more advanced ones can tell you which train is there. This leads easily on to computer-controlled running and signalling. I wish I'd done it to start with.... now I have to dremel slots in the track to make the same thing happen. Of course, the blocks aren't all going to be where you want them, but I suppose you can't have everything :D

    It won't make any difference at all to you for the moment...
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    Thanks for the reply. This makes me feel more comfortable about it all.


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