Help with Walthers modulars template.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Biased turkey, Aug 28, 2007.

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    I downloaded and printed the Walthers ( N scale ) modulars templates and instructions. It seems quite easy to assemble that kind of structures.
    One thing that puzzles me is the height of the Large wall with the the railcar doorway ( 933-3282 part #20 ). That piece has a height of 40 mm while the height of a standard wall is about 29mm. So it's too high for a 1 story building and too small for a 2 stories building ( 58mm ).
    Could someone please explain how to make that specific wall fit in a modular building ?

    See the enclosed picture.

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    I presume that the opening is properly sized, but I'd run my NMRA standards gauge through it just to see if it couldn't be cut down...although I'm sure it is right on and their is a logical way to get it to work! It just isn't clear from the directions. My Precision Scale brass trucks were like instructions and not even a picture to help figure them out....just took a little time.

    Sorry I can't offer more specific advice.

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