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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Im pavariangoo!, May 13, 2005.

  1. Im pavariangoo!

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    I reviewed my last track plan and while nice and simple there was not really a point to it. I need help with track plans. Mikes small track plans were good but the website no longer works for me.

    Anyway, could somebody please take the liberty of designing a 2x6 n scale layout that has 2 mainlines and shunting operations with a yard. Please keep in mind i am very limited on money for turnouts.

    Many thanks

  2. MasonJar

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    Can you tell us more about what kind of flavour you are looking for? What era, industries, type of trains you like to run? This will help quite a bit - and while you are thinking about it, it may help you too...

    If you want interesting switching (shunting) I would suggest you move away from a yard (although that can be interesting too...). Especially if you are concerned about the cost of turnouts. You get more "bang for the buck" by using turnouts in a variety of industries rather than in a yard ladder.

    If you can live without continuous running, you might think about a point-to-point type layout, with a few industries along the way. Kind of like a switching puzzle (TimeSaver for example) but it does not have to be set up as a puzzle.

    Hope that helps. Post some of your ideas here and we can kick them around for a while to see if we come up with anything.

  3. Im pavariangoo!

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    I do like the previous trackplan and i do want to keep it alot like that so maybe somebedy has suggestions. I want any industries and i am doing steam and diesel.

    I am debating whether to have a whole new trackplan but whatever it is it must run 2 train mainline.

    not point to point because unless it is a micro layout they are not a novelty! (atleast for me) so keep it continuous running please.!

    Many thanks

  4. Is 2x6 an absolute limit? I ask because I made a design a while back in 2.5x4.5, which is nearly the same square footage (11.25 sq. ft vs 12 sq. ft) with 5 industries, and interchange, and a small yard. It was designed to be run as a game (the yard was an inglenook sidings puzzle). I can probably modify it to fit your space. it uses 11 turnouts.

    What brand of track will you be using?

    Here are my plans:
    first the 2.5x4.5:

    and stretched out to 2x6:
  5. oh, wait. you wanted double track!

    heres the 2x6 as a double track:
  6. Im pavariangoo!

    Im pavariangoo! New Member

    ok thats cool screwysquirril. (sorry about the spelling !!!) .I am thinking ur second 2 are good because of the 2ft wide but i do like the first. Is there any way i could fit ladders in there?

    many thanks

  7. Tileguy

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    Pava, I may be able to help you out in the track department if you arent against using used turnouts.
    I'll be listing N scale trackage for sale soon and will list it here before putting it on ebay.
    Now dont misunderstand, I am not giving the stuff away,It may save you some money though if I have what you need.(ive got around 50-60 turnouts,many of them while out of the packaging have never been on a layout.)
    I also have curves,straights,bumpers,dbl slip,crossings in various degrees etc etc.
    Would buying all the track you need in 1 shot be something you could do?
  8. Small yard

    the yard is intentionally small. Its part of the game/puzzle that makes the whole thing work.

    the yard tracks hold 5, 3, and 3 cars, the yard lead holds an engine and 3 cars.
    you start with the yard having 8 cars in it.

    Randomly pick 5 cars (I use an 8-sided Die, rolled 5 times, rerolling duplicates). That is the SPECIFIC ORDER the 5 cars must be placed in. With 8 cars made into 5 car trains, you end up with some 6720 possible combinations for your train. With 6 places to park each of the 5 cars, you end up wth 14 MILLION possibilities... you'll never play the game the same way twice. you can get even more by having a car parked at each location which must be returned to the yard.

    I intentionally picked industries that could get almost any kind of car (interchange, truck transfer, chemical plant, etc) to maintain the illusion that a factory could get a tanker car one day, a boxcar the next, and a hopper the day after.

    The small yard allows you to make from 18-30 switching moves to assemble a train (possibly more, but thats my average). Another series of switching moves to work the industries. Plenty of switching, easy one-man operation, and the option just watching trains run.
  9. Im pavariangoo!

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    Ok thanks for that,

    I have been told that with the new room i am going into i will be abe to have a 3x6 layout so i was thinking 2 mainlines with a ladder yard in the middle(about 3 tracks) and a yard with lead and it would be nice to put a turntable on but i dont want it to contrast to much with the laout itself,what i mean is i want the turntable to look like it fits into the scene! I want assorted industries (about 2 or maybe 3). The second mainline i do want to conect to the first but i want to be able to run 2 trains at once without changing switches.

    Many many thanks

  10. Im pavariangoo!

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    plan added!

    heres a new plan but im not sure where i could put risers. I want to have a bit where it is higher.

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  11. Im pavariangoo!

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    let me go into detail

    The ladder yard is above the black line of track. The black line of track runs under the yard and it will look like a tunnel

    Each end of the layout goes up a grade to the yard

    Any questions/comments?

    Many thanks


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  12. Pitchwife

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    Personally, if you want the yard at a different level than the rest of the layout I would put it underneath instead of over. That gives you the oppertunity to show off your industries better.

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