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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by nalmeida, Nov 10, 2004.

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    I'm kitbashing a Bachman N Scale switcher to an HOn30 switcher and I need some help with the coupler issue. It's the first time I kitbash a loco (or any other rolling stock for that matter) and couplers are something new to me. First here is a pic of the parts:


    In the instructions they sugest Micro-Trains 1129 and 1135 to use as couplers (I presume these are HO scale couplers??) but I heard Kadee was the way to go when talking about couplers. Question is: Kadee as lot's of diferent kinds of couplers, should I choose the HOn3 ones, or the HO ones? Would they fit on the chassis of the N scale Bachman switcher?

    Thanks in advance
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    You have struck on a family dispute there. Kadee was originally 2 brothers, Keith and Dave (K D) and made couplings and other stuff from N scale to O or G. Then they split up. One fellow took the N scale stuff and became Micro-Trains. So you'll find a lot of us old timers call the whole lot "Kadee".
    If you check Micro-Trains, you should find the coupler numbers you were given.
    I think that the N gauge couplers will work better than HOn3 if you stick with the original coupler boxes.
    There will be somebody into HOn30 that can tell you better. What you use on your first car will determine what you need for the rest.

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