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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by dcfxq, Jun 2, 2004.

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    Just a short update: Did add some temporary terrain features (small hills, a backdrop and some low shrubbery) along with some of my wife's beloved cows and horses and some mockups of proposed structures I will scratch build. The Overlands run fine but still look disproportionate to what I have in mind for the overall look. Found some undecorated Overton's and ordered three (business, combine and baggage) cars so will decide when they arrive which to go with. May just put the Overland's on eBay in the event I like the Overton's better.

    Thanks for everyone's inputs and suggestions. Will post some photo's as I go along.
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    My Overton adventure Pt. 2.

    Ah, wonders never cease. I received my 34' Overtons Friday and - much to my surprise and dismay found the undecorated cars were KITS not RTR. :rolleyes:

    All is well however, assembly was a cinch and due to a packing snafu I got two baggage cars and one combine rather than one baggage, one combine and one business car. The dealer however has taken care of that is is shipping the correct unit and I have an extra baggage car for bashing.

    First attempt at assembling the Archbar truck and coupler was hilarious. Man, those tiny little springs can fly!!!!!!!!! :oops: Amazingly the third time the whole thing went very smoothly and ditto for the fourth, fifth and sixth sets :D .

    Frankly, in hindsight it looked a lot more difficult than it proved in the end which proves old dogs can learn new tricks. Went to a local LHS and asked the 25 y/o guy behind the counter if he had any coupler centering springs and he replyed "yeah I've got some of these little fella's here (pulling out some HO stuff). No, I need N scale and this size, showing him one. He shook his head and wondered alound how anyone, any age could even see the things let alone install them into the coupler pocket and add the coupler tongue itself.

    Felt really good when I came home and put four sets together in under 20 minutes! :thumb: :thumb: :)
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    the Overtons make a good rinky-dinky train, i use them as stock on my line. MDC lists the duckbill roofed Overlands in HO scale as being Pullman cars, might be th same for N. If you want to make a really odd looking way car the Overtons are great of that - just use the combine (either baggage part or coach part) and you can end up with some really quite good looking rolling stock.

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