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    I hope this would be the correct place to post this Im new to the Gauge here. Im hoping someone can help me identify these locomotives, both are of course Civil War era and since this is the type of layout Im interested in doing I wanted to make sure I got the right era of train! Thought that would be a good idea. Anyway thanks to anyone who may know something about these very cool old locos.


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  2. steamhead

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    This locomotive is of the type that came to be called "The General", and it is oc Civil War vintage. Here's a link that should help you in your layout building of the era.

    Gus (LC&P).
  3. Gary Pfeil

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    I think the 4-4-0 was known as an "American"
  4. Zman

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    The 4-4-0 had a number of different nicknames during its long and illustrious history. "American" became the most popular of them, but a number of different manufacturers had specific names for their own designs, and railroad companies gave their engines names.

    For instance, "The General" was an engine built in 1855 by Rogers, Ketchum, and Grosvenor in New Jersey. It was run by the Western and Atlantic RR between Atlanta and Chatanooga. (Antebellum trains were frequently known by their apellations, as opposed to numbers.)

    For a quick overview of the history of this type of engine, click here.
  5. jim currie

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    the top engine was built for the AL&HRR captured by the union in 1862 by the William Mason Co. build#90 no date returned to the AL&HRR after the war. the bottom engine is the"General Haupt"built by the William Mason Co. in 1862 sold to the B&O after the war.IHC did a model of this one.
  6. JKountz

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    Hey everyone thanks for the help. I was beating my head against the wall for a few days over this but thanks to this forum I have the answers I needed! Actually have a nice 4-4-0 coming my way in a few days and Im bidding on another one right now. Once again thanks everyone!!

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