Help Choosing a coupler for Kato pulling Con-Cor

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Tony, Dec 28, 2004.

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    Ive been away from the hobby for a long time but am now starting to get the interest again. Anyway, I never really bothered to change the standard couplers on any of my stock. So I am a coupler newbie.

    Now I have an N scale Kato Amtrack Phase IV GE P42 and some Con-Cor Superliner Coach Phase III cars to pull. The Con-Cor cars have the old standard coupler. Sorry, I am illerate concerning coupler terminology. The Kato has something much more realistic but of course not compatible the Con-Cor.

    I'm not that picky how the couplers look, I just want to pull the cars. So should I change the rear coupler in the Kato, or the lead coupler in the first car?

    Suggersions on what to buy would be appreciated. Would much prefer snap out-snap in kind of job ( as opposed to cutting and glueing )

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    Change the couplers on the cars...i assume they look like a large, L-shaped hunk-a-plastic? They are "rapidos"...commonly called "Crapidos" by modelers. The KATO P42 has the stock KATO kunckle couplers on it, as you said, much better...

    go to and click conversions, scroll down until you find a heading that says "con-cor" and click on it, then find the cars you have and find out what conversion you need.

    I'll go have a look and post back in a few minutes.
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    Just doesn't list con-cor as ever making superliner passenger cars in N-scale...however, for top-of-the-line couplers and trucks, use the Micro-trains 1130 truck and coupler conversion'll fit every passenger car con-cor ever did, according to Microtrains. If your going to go that route, i suggest replacing all the trucks, not just the first truck of the first'll make the whole train roll better, and operate better.

    Just a thought
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    While you're at it, REPLACE the Kato coupler with a M-T 2004-1 on both front and rear of your P42's. The Kato coupler is very fragile and tends to break right behind the knuckle. My P42's ran for about an hour on an Ntrak layout before the one coupled to the train broke. I've also had problems with the Kato coupler that's supplied on their newer passenger equipment doing the same (don't roll the cars to a coupling).


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