Help building Paper Model structures for N Scale Japanese Layout

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by nobusan, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. nobusan

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    :wave: I am a newbie to N Scale, having formerly been an HO Scale modeller in the late 40's and middle 50's. Having been stationed in Japan I am interested in building my N Scale layout with Japanese structures and rolling stock and locos. I am using mostly Kato track with some Life Like track being connected. Would like help in building my structures with card stock or card board. Need links to photographs of Japanesed structures and and possible ideas on building these structures from scratch. :confused:

  2. spitfire

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    As far as construction materials with cardstock, just do a search here on the Gauge for threads started by Matthyro. He's the master of cardboard construction - and in N scale too.

    For Japanese reference pix, you could go to Google, and do an image search with the keyword Japan. I tried it and got lots of images.

    And welcome to the Gauge!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Muddy Creek

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    I have several books on Japanese houses in my library, but little about commercial, institutional or industrial buildings. If you have access to a library with a good Architecture collection, look for anything by Heinrich Engel.

    The two books I have by Engel are:

    "Measure and Constuction of the Japanese House," a good introduction with lots of sketches and plans.

    The second is Engel's massive "The Japanese House, A Tradition for Contemprary Architecture." Many photos and drawings and the most in-depth study of traditional Japanese architecture I've seen.

    Both will give you a look at various traditional framing techniques.

    There is something intriguing about the idea of constructing model Japanese houses from paper.

  4. Dave Farquhar

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    Paper modeling is really, really big in Japan, so any search on Google for "paper models" will fairly quickly net you some Japanese structures. If they're too big for N scale, just reduce them before assembling.
  5. nobusan

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    Thanks Dave, Wayne and Val for the great info. Will check the ideas and links out this week. Google will be a sure thing.

    Happy New Year,

  6. jmarksbery

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