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  1. Orion777

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    I am new to paper modelling .I have built a few and found it to be very satisfying.I use to build plastic models.Whats great about paper ones is they are more detailed and I can print a new piece if I screw one up!!!!!!.I am looking forward to accessing uhu02s library.The models look incredible,especially the 2001 space station.Any tips or advice about the hobby please feel free to enlighten me.
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    Let me be the first to say welcome Orion777 :wave:

    I'm still new on this forum to and just like you did a lot of plastic modeling in the past. Papercrafting is very satisfying and personaly I like it better then plastic modeling.

    If you ever need any help or if you search for a particular model just ask.

    When you start a build please show us some pictures during the build and of corse the result in the appropriate forum :)
    I'm into Sci-Fi models, what are your interrests ?

    Cheers and all the best,
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    Welcome to the forum.:wave:
  4. Orion777

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    Thanks.I am also into scifi.My favorite is Star Trek.Been a Trekkie since I was a kid and I am 47 so most of my life!!I want to build the space station from 2001.I read online that there is software that will turn a 3d picture into a printable model.Ill have to research that.Again thank you.
  5. ShadowHawk141

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    Well how about that, I just turned 47 last week :) and Star Trek is one of my favourites to (right after Star Wars :twisted:).
    Naah I like them both ST a bit more Sience, SW a bit more Fiction, double the fun.

    The programm you're looking for is called Pepakura. You will need the free viewer version to be able to open (and print) some papermodels that use a file with the .PDO extension instead of pdf or jpg etc.
    Just google it and you'll find the website for it.

    Or use this url :cool:


    When you start your 2001 Space Station please open a build thread in the Sci-Fi section of this forum and post pictures of your progress, it's fun to do and fun for us, and I can actualy learn something from it :)

    Cheers and all the best,
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    Hey, niced to meet you! I'm actually relatively new to plastic modeling as well, I just made myself an Imperial Bastion and an Aegis line for wh40k via plasticard.
    I am new at it, but i do have one tip : get a triangle ruler, makes 90 degree angles so much easier

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