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    because of my money situation and disability i have decided to try n scale trains. i am trying to go the cheapest but best looking way of building a nice setup. i am starting in card modeling and think this would be a great way to make buildings and stuff for the layout but i do not know where to look and if there are any free ones out there. i have a n scale train engine and some cars but no track and want to get into this and maybe build one for my dad also he loves trains used to work on them long ago. he turned me onto them. he had a real nice HO setup when he was in school him and his dad and i think he misses having one. he is retired now and bored out of his mind.
    but costs keeps him away from his passion.
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    Hey Doc H, I have built two of Scalescenes building and like them. Also, if you look in the card modeling forum downloads there are a couple buildings there. You can also search the net. I had the best luck searching for paper models.

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    The best of luck and enjoyment to you. I personally am not going to do any buildings until I get much better at this. I have way too much n scale track and nothing to build it on right now. At least not permanent layout. I could do it on cardboard but I am waiting to get some foam. My dad turned me onto it when I was a kid and now he is retired and bored also. I would love to see him get back into it but he sends me all of the money he can spare. Sorry Dad. I'm building this one for you buddy.

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