1. CrazyShay

    CrazyShay New Member

    Hello! :wave:

    I'm new to this forum, here's some info on me,

    I'm a kid who loves logging railroads and am about half way through building my own in HO called Mill Creek.
    I have a large selection of Logging lococmotives. Here is some of my Stuff:

    #1 Westside Class A 18 ton Climax
    #2 Spectrum Class C 80 ton Shay
    #3 Spectrum Class B 50 ton Climax (Coming Soon)
    #4 Rivarossi new 50 ton 2 truck Heisler
    #5 Spectrum Class C 80 ton Shay
    #6 Rivarossi 80 ton 3 truck Heisler
    #7 PFM 25 ton Class B Shay
    #8 PFM 45 ton Class B Shay
    #9 Spectrum 0-6-0 Tank Switcher
    #15 Spectrum 4-6-0 Baldwin

    Rolling Stock:
    4 Rivarossi Skeleton log cars
    12 IHC Log Jimmies
    1 Barnhart Log loader
    1 MOW Blacksmith Car
    6 Ertl Flat Cars

    Soon I'll have Pictures of everthing to show you guys,
    I'm looking forward to sharing info and fun with everyone!

  2. Welcome to the Gauge, the friendliest, most knowledgable train board around
  3. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    :wave: Welcome! :wave:

    You have quite the line-up, CrazyShay :cool: :cool: :cool:

    Look forward to the pictures :D
  4. CrazyShay

    CrazyShay New Member

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