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    JIM BAUMANN New Member

    Good Day Gentlemen and Ladies!

    My name is Jim Baumann and I am a'solid' ship-modelmaker....
    You can see soem of my models here:


    I have long admired some of the stunning cardmodelships available and have seen some very good examples of the art over at my ususal haunt of

    I need help... I am in addition to being fanatical about early warships also an avid collector of STREAMLINED STEAM locomotives.

    I purchased a polish card kit of the PM 36 streamlined steam loco in 1:87(Ho scale) so far so good-great subject-nice kit.

    Alas... Steam locomotives are my secondary interest... and I have hundreds of ships still to build....

    Is there anyone out there willing to build my kit-well- in exchange for ££ or $$'s? I will otherwise never get around to building her- and she will remain 2-dimensional, loved but not diplayed....

    thank you and 'see' you all soon


    Southampton UK

  2. Atomsk

    Atomsk Member

    I took a look atyour model ship gallery, and I'm impressed (the good way, not the way your ancestors did to mine, around 1800 :).

    There is a For Sale forum, that is seldom used, but any posts will show up on the "What's New" list.

    Another option is eBay.uk. I see a lot of kits going up there, and some of them selling too. :)

    Happy modeling.
  3. barry

    barry Active Member

    Hi Jim

    You have some beaautiful models on your site I am impressed with the rigging details and seascapes and come to that the weathering so if you ever have the time a couple of lessons would not come amiss here.

    As to the loco the real builders for those are the poles or the Germans try Kartonbau forum somebody there will translate your request.

    best of luck

  4. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    Welcome, Jim. I have really enjoyed looking at your stellar 1:350 and 1:700 ship models over the years. 8) 8) The realstic water effects are amazing too.

    Plastic, resin, wood, paper: it's all good. :wink:

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