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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mortarion, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Mortarion

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    Just joined up to the Forum, most happy to be here so far so drink all round for all you lovley people.

    A bit about me, [taking a moment out of life to lay the cards on the table and finally admit somthing for a change] I am a modeller by nature and by extention by profession also. I have a morbid fastination with Warhammer 40k and have just about all the forces and sane person can find room in his house to store. In addition I also enjoy collecting my 10mm scale WWI austrians and russians too but am on the verge of ditching them for WWI eastern front in 6mm scale instead.

    Professionaly I paint figures for a living, hence I only collect the above as they are not somthing I come across much in work. Put it this way, when you spend all day painting 500 napoleonic russians the last thing you want to do is paint more of the little tykes for yourself, so I sit back with a none historical fugure or too and go to town picking whatever colours I want on them without a darn painting guide to hand.wall1

    Ok, thats me, hi to you all, and if you are still paranoid, they probably are after you.
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    Welcome aboard! You should find a lot of compatible ideas adn projects here. And, with paper you can let the printer do some of the fiddly bits and take a bit of a break from your daily creating.


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