Hello from Reykjavik Iceland!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ljosalfur, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Ljosalfur

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    Hello from Reykjavik Iceland,

    Here's my introduction.

    Me being here started with me looking for stuff about dragons on the Internet... I'm a teacher and next winter I'm going to offer my students, 6-12 year old kids, classes with dragon stuff (dragonology). One of the things I found on my dragon hunt was a dragon paper model (which will be my first "Internet paper model")... and then my treasure trail let to this place on the net. And I'm happy to be here.

    I've been an origami enthusiast for many years, held classes for kids and teachers. I love working with paper!

  2. da-waaaghboss

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  3. Ljosalfur

    Ljosalfur New Member


    Thanks for the welcome... my first contact on the Zealot planet! :) There's a lot of stuff here. Good thing I'm on summer vacation... I sat at my computer for hours yesterday checking the site out.
  4. venom_82

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    Welcome from another new user of this great site :)
    As you wrote, there's a lot of stuff :thumb: Very good thing for people like me, who live in countries where the art of paper modeling has a low diffusion.

  5. Ljosalfur

    Ljosalfur New Member

    Thanks for the welcome

    Hey venom_82... thanks for the welcome... I'm beginning to feel at home here, on my second day! :yep:

    I've started on my first project which is a very simple one, a little dragon that I found on the net... just to get me started.

    Take care!

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