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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by trainsteve2435, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone, boy, it sure is good to be back into model railroading once again, and hopefully this time for good. It seems a lot has changed since i last visited about a year ago. I sure was saddened by the news of Robin's passing, he was truly a master at what he done and will surely be missed. I noticed the new MR download station has a section for downloading track plans to fit different size rooms, which brings me to my question..... I have recently bought a new house with a big (24' x 22') garage and im looking for a nice track plan to fill it with. For anyone that has downloaded any of these plans, is there any one paticular download that may have a plan to fit my garage? I was just wondering before i paid $8.95 to download one of them, just to find out the plans were too small or too big. Thanks for any input and like i said, it sure is good to be back amongst all of you people!
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    Welcome Back Steve !!!!!!!!! I have not used any of these plans, but i wanted to wish you good luck in your new home. Great to have you back..
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    I am not a big fan of the Download Station (nor of any of the "reprint" books by Kalmbach). There is a lot of information available in back issues (that you may already have), on the internet, or even in your head! :eek: ;)

    I think that you will be happier if you go through the planning process yourself, rather than paying for a plan that you likely will modify anyway. Check out the Givens & Druthers form (link in my signature), and let's get started! :D


    PS - Congrats on your new home! I just gave up my 26x26 garage workshop for a finished basement in our new house... Grass is always greener... !:rolleyes:
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    I have no idea about the downloadable plans... I'll just say that most people are more satisfied with layouts not built exactly according to a published plan. I'm not saying that published plans aren't good - but they are made by and for people who don't necessarily share your interests.

    What scale are you in?
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    great to have you back :D Best of Luck!!!!! :D
  6. Hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome, and the opinions. Im still modelling HO scale, so i will keep on planning and see what happens! Thanks again!

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