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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by János1962, May 27, 2010.

  1. János1962

    János1962 Member

    Hello everybody! I am new here. I just welcome everyone.:wave:
    I want to show the last completed work. My favorite theme of the WW2 German Panzer Group, but sometime for relaxation building other kind of papercraft.:thumb:

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  2. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Beautiful work! What an introduction! Got more pics of it or of your other models? We'd love to see them. Welcome to the forum btw.
  3. János1962

    János1962 Member

    "old work"

    Here some old work the nice lookings: BTR-80, and Chaeffe.
    Actually building Sdkfz7-1 Militari Model.
    I know there are some mistakes, but I always try to work with accuracy in.:wave:

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  4. Padre

    Padre Member

    Nice builds, neat work, welcome to the site.
  5. italia12010

    italia12010 New Member

    I really like your model. Good job!

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