Hear that train a coming, Coming down the line

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by interurban, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. interurban

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    :D Thanks Blake, it sure was a big thrill for me I got a least 30 shots off;)

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  2. railwaybob

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    Hello Chris. I'll make you a deal. You tell me where you took those pictures and I'll tell you where there's an even better place on that same CP main line! Unless you want to walk the main line almost back to Smiths Falls. There's even rumours that there's Model T Fords still in the boxcars from a train wreck in the 1920s!
  3. interurban

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    :D as the fish takes the bait and ends up in the frying pan;)

    O K Bob I`m gonna spill the beans:D

    It`s in Pickering , at the top of Dixe road it spans the Seaton trails
    about 10ks outside T O.

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  4. Clerk

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    Beeeuuuutiful Chris. Wish I had something close by me worth taking pictures of.
  5. railwaybob

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    There's an awful lot of hidden secrets on that CP main line between Toronto and Smiths Falls. Those shots of the Pickering area are really nice.

    Since I live in the Ottawa area (about 30 minutes from Smiths Falls), I like the part of the line that starts west of Perth, Ont. This is where it goes through the Frontenac Gap - that part of the Canadian shield that plunges down from Northern Ontario and crosses the St Lawrence River between Brockville and Gananoque. For about 50 km, the main line goes on a diagonal across the Gap as it tries to get down to Lake Ontario in the Belleville area.

    One of my favourite spots is at Mud Lake. This is a high steel trestle. The line comes through a curve on a rock cut from the east, goes across the trestle, and continues into a rock cut on a curve. The rock cut continues for quite a distance.

    To get there, take Hwy 7 east (or west) to the village of Maberly. Turn left (south) onto Bob's Lake Road. (As a bonus, about 1 km along the road is the roadbed of the old Ontario & Quebec line between Perth and Havelock.) When the road takes a sharp 90° bend over a bridge, you will be crossing over the CPR main line in the rock cut below. Park your car and walk along the tree line east. Within 500 metres, you'll see the trestle.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any photos that I can readily find. But I'll have to see if I have any.
  6. interurban

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    Hi Bob, Next time I have time and can get out that way that is a "must Do":D
    Try and find some pics please.;)
  7. rcwatkins

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    Man, those are some excellent pics. :)

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