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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Mountain Man, Feb 22, 2007.

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    Frankly, I have absolutely no idea where something like this should go, so I'll leave it up to the admin wallahs to decide if it doesn't work out here. These are not old war photos - this is a 1/6 scale MRR builtr and displayed by a group of British enthusiasts.


    If you visit this site, be sure to hit the links to the previous five "missions" - temporary outdoor dioramas - that this group periodically sets up. I imagine it takes them at least a day or two to get it all into place and "set-dressed" for display and photo shoots, but whether or not you are into military history, it is an incredible MRR accomplishment by any standard.

    For those of you who prefer the larger scales to ease your eyesight and allow for super-detailing, this group and/or scale is entirely for you. Talk about your "garden railway"! :)

    If you listen closely in a quiet room, I swear you can hear the hiss of steam, the tramp of boots and the faint strains of the Horst Wessel Leid somewhere off in the distance.
  2. spitfire

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    Yes, I have seen that layout and it's beyond awesome!!! I do a little 1/6 modelling as well, which is how I came across it. Thanks for posting the link Mountain Man.

  3. tetters

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    The colour photos make me think of a modern day WWII movie shoot. The detail is outstanding.
  4. Mountain Man

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    I'll bet it's even better when you see it in person.

    What do you model? I know 1/6 figures are popular, and I used to know a few people who ran 1/6the RC model Panthers and Tigers.

    I suppose in this scale there would be no excuse not to have incedble detail.
  5. bigsteel

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    OHjawdrop MYjawdrop GODjawdrop that is the most detail ive ever seen!!!!i love WW2 and it mixes my favorite stuff WW2 and trains!!i couldnt imagine the artistry it takes to make that!i mean did you see the foot prints,being able to remember that kind of detail is a feat all in itself.i would be convinced that the pics were real if the men had steam coming out of there mouths like on a cold winter day.i just might have to check some more of this stuff out just to see what kind of other stuff im missing out on.post ome more pics like that in the future.--josh
  6. joesho

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    same here i love ww2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats great,u dont usally see photo of germany like that,so much detail,it really sets the era! great job:D :D :rolleyes::wave: :wave: :thumb: jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop jawdrop
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  8. bigsteel

    bigsteel Call me Mr.Tinkertrain

    AHHH the good ol days,my grandfather told me about his days as a pilot in the pacific theater,he flew a F6F hellcat most of the war,but i the end he flew an avenger.the yamato was a great ship,biggest of her kind.its a shame we had to sink her sign1 .i for one must say i could never do that ,id probably die from over detailing!thanks for the links man.--josh
  9. Ralph

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    Nuts! I'm getting a window that says the post no longer exists when I click your first link Mountain Man but the Yamato stuff is beautifully done!
    Admin wallah :)
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    Yeah - I checked and I got the same thing. Not sure yet what happened because it was working at first. Looks like someone rescued us both with another link to the site.

    Everytome I look at their work, I wonder who makes the uniforms and accessories, as those are not pated un uniforms but actual cloth, leather and so forth. That club is in a class by itself!
  13. spitfire

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  14. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Amazing realism!
  15. msowsun

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  16. iis612

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    Wow!! Those pics alone make me want to skip HO and go for 1/6th. What could I do in a 12x12?sign1

    That is an amazing display!
  17. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Here's something that would make people wonder. Place several 1/6 figures holding DCC controllers around your N scale layout. sign1 sign1 You can tell them that it's your version of a Garden Railroad. :D :D
  18. J. Steffen

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    That was my guess.

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